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Fierté Montréal
Montreal Pride
2017 Logo Fierte Montreal FR Couleur.svg
Logo as of 2017
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar marching at Fierté Montréal in 2017
GenrePride festival
Location(s)Montreal, Quebec
Years active12
Inaugurated2007 (2007)

Fierté Montréal, also called Montreal Pride, was founded in 2007 at the initiative of Montreal’s LGBTQ communities after the city's prior Pride festival, Divers/Cité, repositioned itself as a general arts and music festival.[1] A major event of Pride Montreal includes the annual Montreal Pride Parade.

Montreal Pride is the largest LGBTQ festival in Canada and the largest LGBTQ gathering in the francophone world.[2] Active year-round, Montreal Pride supports local LGBTQ communities and advocates on behalf of LGBTQ people living in countries that are hostile toward LGBTQ rights.

Fierté Montréal 2017[edit]

From August 10 to 20, 2017, the festival’s special edition Canada Pride Montreal 2017, was featured as part of the official programming of Montreal’s 375th and Canada 150 celebrations. In the lead-up to the parade, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre offered an official apology to the LGBTQ+ community for violence and discrimination perpetrated against the community by local police forces in the 1960s to 1990s.[3] The 2017 edition of the parade was the largest in the city's history. In an event that attracted significant media attention, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marched that year with Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar (the first openly gay Irish leader) and Vradkar's partner Matthew Barrett.[4]

Fierté Montréal 2018[edit]

Montreal's 24th pride parade on August 19, 2018 was led by a group of transgender women and their allies holding a sign which read “Trans women first, never again last.”[5] The grand marshals of the parade included Jacq Brasseur, Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, Gus Kenworthy, Dominique Lavergne, Julie Lemieux, Kennedy Olango, and Dany Turcotte.[6]


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