Fierzë, Tropojë

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Fierzë, Tropojë
Administrative Unit
Fierzë, Tropojë is located in Albania
Fierzë, Tropojë
Fierzë, Tropojë
Coordinates: 42°17′N 20°2′E / 42.283°N 20.033°E / 42.283; 20.033Coordinates: 42°17′N 20°2′E / 42.283°N 20.033°E / 42.283; 20.033
Country  Albania
County Kukës
Municipality(s) Tropojë
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Fierzë is a town and a former municipality in the Kukës County, northern Albania. At the 2015 local government reform it became a subdivision of the municipality Tropojë.[1] Fierzë sits on both banks of the Drin, which here forms the boundary between Fushë-Arrëz and Tropojë.

Before the 2015 local government reform, there was a municipality named Fierzë in Pukë District as well as Tropojë District.

  • The Fierzë municipality in Pukë, to the south of the river had 1302 inhabitants in 2011 and an area of 81.19 km2. It consisted of eight villages: Fierzë, Poradha, Buxhan, Kokëdoda, Arst, Miliska, Mëz und Aprrip.[2][3]
  • The Fierzë municipality in Tropojë, north of the river had 1607 inhabitants in 2011 (2381 in 2001).[4] This municipality contained the central settlement of Fierzë (913 inhabitants) and the villages of Degë (387 inhabitants), T’plan (496 inhabitants), Dushaj (168 inhabitants) and Breg-Lumi (417 inhabitants).[5][6]
View from Fierza dam in northern Albania into direction north-west over the end of Lake Koman and Fierza village to the mountains of Maja e Mërturit (1.757 m) and Maja e Shtyllës (2.095 m)

The Drin river was dammed above Fierzë to form Lake Fierzë in the 1970s and Lake Koman in the 1980s. The Fierzë dam is the largest dam in Albania, at 152 metres high. The power plant at Fierzë is one of the most important producers of electricity in the country.

The dammed Drin is not alone in passing through Fierzë. Here the Valbonë joins the Drin from the north and various traffic routes intersect. The most important is the Drin itself. On Lake Koman, there is a daily ferry. During the summer tourist season, two taxi services run between Koman at the other end of the lake to Fierzë and Breg-Lumi.[7] The pier at Breg-Lumi is moved according to the water level of the lake and usually consists of only a small concrete ramp on an unpaved, flat surface. A road links Fierzë, where a bridge crosses the Drin, to the town of Bajram Curri around 15 km to the north and to Fushë-Arrëz in the south which was previously very difficult to reach because of the mountains in the way. The ferry on Lake Fierzë, which goes to Kukës, was already in service in the 1990s.

Remains of Roman buildings and a Roman street have been found in Fierzë.[8] New Catholic churches have been built in Fierzë-Pukë and Breg-Lumi.


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