Fierza Reservoir

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Fierza Reservoir
Country Albania
Coordinates 42°15′0″N 20°2′30″E / 42.25000°N 20.04167°E / 42.25000; 20.04167Coordinates: 42°15′0″N 20°2′30″E / 42.25000°N 20.04167°E / 42.25000; 20.04167
Total capacity 27,000,000,000 m3 (9.5×1011 cu ft)[1]
Catchment area 11,829 km2 (4,567 sq mi)
Surface area 72.5 km2 (28.0 sq mi)
Maximum water depth 128 m (420 ft)

The Fierza Reservoir (Albanian: Liqeni i Fierzës) is a reservoir in Albania and Kosovo. The Drin River and parts of the White Drin and Black Drin also runs through the reservoir. The size of the lake is 72.6 km2 (28.0 sq mi), of which 2.46 km² belong to Kosovo. It is 70 km long and has a depth of 128 m. In the Albanian side of the lake there are many canyons and some small islands. The dam is 167m tall.[2] In 2014, the lake was declared a Regional Nature Park by the Kukes County Council.[3]

The reservoir was formed as a result of the construction of the Fierza Hydroelectric Power Station in 1978 by the Albanian government.

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