Fife power station

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Fife Power Station
Fife power station is located in Scotland
Fife power station
Location of Fife Power Station in Scotland
Country Scotland
Location Cardenden, Fife
Coordinates 56°10′8″N 3°18′22″W / 56.16889°N 3.30611°W / 56.16889; -3.30611Coordinates: 56°10′8″N 3°18′22″W / 56.16889°N 3.30611°W / 56.16889; -3.30611
Decommission date March 2011
Owner(s) Scottish and Southern Energy
Thermal power station
Primary fuel natural gas
Combined cycle? yes
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 120 MW

Fife Power Station was a 120 megawatt gas fired combined cycle gas turbine generating station at Cardenden in Fife, Scotland.

It was a 1+1 configuration module built around a 74 MW General Electric Frame 6F gas turbine providing for a combined cycle output of 109MW, exhaust duct firing is employed to reach the stations maximum output.[citation needed]

It was purchased in 2004 by Scottish and Southern Energy [SSE] for £12.3 million, temporarily securing the future of the 10 staff who worked there at the time.[1]

Investigations took place in 2007 into the feasibility of burning used car tyres in Fife, environmental legislations precluded this however.[citation needed]

The plant closed in March 2011.[2]