Fifi (album)

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Cover fifi.jpg
Studio album by Heideroosjes
Released 1996
Genre Punk
Label Play It Again Sam
Heideroosjes chronology
Choice For A Lost Generation?!

Fifi is the third studio album by Dutch band the Heideroosjes.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Marco Roelofs except as noted.

  1. "Break The Public Peace"
  2. "Nothing For Free"
  3. "Collect-Call To God"
  4. "Klapvee!"
  5. "Who's There For Me"
  6. "Marmor, Stein & Eisen Bricht" (Rudolf Loose)
  7. "I Can't Change The World"
  8. "O.P.A."
  9. "Ode To The Ramones"
  10. "Sjonnie En Anita"
  11. "Beach Of Fake"
  12. "Mommy Help!"
  13. "Fifi"
  14. "Western White Kid"
  15. "De Neandertaler" (Roelofs/Def P)
  16. "Kill The Human Race"