Fifth Court of Appeals of Texas

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The Fifth Court of Appeals of Texas is one of the 14 Texas Courts of Appeals. It currently sits in Dallas, Texas. It has simultaneously both the smallest Court of Appeals' jurisdictional geographic size (only six counties, one of which is shared with another Court), and the largest composition (13 Justices).


The Fifth Court presides over appeals from the following counties:

(*) This county shares jurisdiction with the Sixth Court of Appeals of Texas.

Current justices[edit]

As authorized under Chapter 22 of the Texas Government Code, the Fifth Court consists of a Chief Justice and 12 associate justices.

  • Carolyn Wright (Chief Justice)
  • David Bridges
  • Molly Francis
  • Douglas S. Lang
  • Elizabeth Lang-Miers
  • Robert M. Fillmore
  • Lana Myers
  • David Evans
  • David Lewis
  • Ada Brown
  • Craig Stoddart
  • Bill Whitehill
  • David Schenck

The current court clerk is Lisa Matz.

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