Fifth Street Towers

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Fifth Street Towers
The 5th Street Towers logo
General information
Coordinates44°58′41″N 93°16′6″W / 44.97806°N 93.26833°W / 44.97806; -93.26833Coordinates: 44°58′41″N 93°16′6″W / 44.97806°N 93.26833°W / 44.97806; -93.26833
Completed1988; 32 years ago (1988)
HeightComplex: 504 ft (153 m)
Tower I: 364 feet (4,370 in)
Tower II: 504 feet (6,050 in)
Technical details
Floor countComplex: 36
Tower I: 26
Tower II: 36
The complex

The Fifth Street Towers is a complex of two buildings in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fifth Street Towers I was completed in 1987 and is 356 ft (108 m) tall and has 26 floors. Fifth Street Towers II was completed in 1988 and is 504 ft (153 m) tall and has 36 floors.

At one time MAIR Holdings had its headquarters in Suite 1360 of Fifth Street Towers II.[1]

It was purchased in 2007 by a UK-based company, StratREAL for $294 million on behalf of an unnamed client[2] but sold in May 2012 for $110 million following a mortgage default by the borrower.[3] The borrower was Interventure Capital Group, acting on behalf of Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd, youngest son of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia[4][5]

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