Fifty lei

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Fifty lei
Value 50 Romanian leu
Width 140 mm
Height 77 mm
Security features watermark, security thread, transparent window, microprinting, blacklight printing, micro perforations, latent writing, EURion constellation
Paper type polymer
Years of printing since 2005
50 lei. Romania, 2005 a.jpg
Design Aurel Vlaicu, Edelweiss, a two-blade propeller
Designer National Bank of Romania
Design date 2005
50 lei. Romania, 2005 b.jpg
Design Vlaicu II airplane design, the head of an eagle, the sketch of a motor of an airplane
Designer National Bank of Romania
Design date 2005

The fifty lei banknote is one of the circulating denomination of the Romanian leu. It is the same size as the 50 Euro banknote.

The main color of the banknote is yellow. It pictures, on the obverse pilot and engineer Aurel Vlaicu, and on the reverse the A Vlaicu Nr. II airplane design, the head of an eagle, and the sketch of the Gnome motor of his airplane.


In the past, the denomination was also in the coin form, as follows:

First leu (1867-1947)

  • banknote issue: 1877 (the hypothecary issue)
  • coin issues: 1906 (gold, celebration issue), 1937 (re-issue: 1938)

Second leu (1947-1952)

  • no issues

Third leu - ROL (1952-2005)

  • banknote issue: 1966
  • coin issue: 1991 (re-issues: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996)

Fourth leu - RON (since 2005)

  • banknote issue: 2005 (redesigned issue of the former 500.000 lei banknote, whereas 500.000 third lei = 50 fourth lei)
ROL 50 1966 obverse.jpgROL 50 1966 reverse.jpg
Obverse Reverse
1966 50 lei issue


National Bank of Romania website