Fifty pounds (British coin)

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Fifty pounds
United Kingdom
Value50 pounds sterling
Mass31 g
Diameter34.00 mm
Composition.999 fine silver
Years of minting2015
DesignQueen Elizabeth II
DesignerJody Clark
Design date2015
DesignerJody Clark
Design date2015

The fifty pound coin (£50) is a commemorative coin of the pound sterling. Issued for the first time by the Royal Mint in 2015 and sold at face value, fifty pound coins hold legal tender status but are intended as collectors' items and are not found in general circulation. 100,000 coins will be produced in limited edition presentation.[1]


The designs which have appeared on the fifty pound coin's reverse are summarised in the table below.

Year Event Design Edge Inscription Designer
2015 - Britannia - Jody Clark
2016 Death of William Shakespeare (400th Anniversary) - - John Bergdahl

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