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Figaro Tseng
2008TIBE Day4 Hall1 CitéGroup TheyKissAgain SigningEvent Figaro Tseng.jpg
Background information
Chinese name 曾少宗
Pinyin Céng Shăo Zōng (Mandarin)
Ethnicity Chengdu, Sichuan
Origin Taiwan
Born (1981-11-18) November 18, 1981 (age 35)
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Other name(s) 曾世宇
Occupation Actor, Singer, Host, art painter
Years active 2001–present
Associated acts Comic Boyz (2002–2005)
Website Figaro's blog

Figaro Tseng (Chinese: 曾少宗; pinyin: Zéng Shăo Zōng) was born 18 November 1981.[1] He is a Taiwanese actor, singer and art painter. He was part of Taiwanese boy band Comic Boyz from 2002 to 2005. They released three albums: Hey Hah!! Comic Boyz (2002); Youth Memoir (2003); Goodbye (New + Best Selection) (2005). Also he acted in Taiwanese dramas and hosted television shows.

Early life[edit]

On 18 November 1981, Tseng was born in Zihguan District, Kaohsiung City. He has a younger brother.

When he was in the kindergarten, he suffered a severe accident. As a result, he is totally deaf in his right ear.


He was part of Taiwanese boy band Comic Boyz from 2002 to 2005. They released three albums: Hey Hah!! Comic Boyz (2002); Youth Memoir (2003); Goodbye (New + Best Selection) (2005). They disbanded in 2005.

Then Tseng became a solo actor, host and painter.


TV series[edit]

Year Chinese Title English Title Character / Role
2001 烈愛傷痕 Love Scar guest star
2002 偷偷愛上妳 Serectly Loving You guest star
麻辣高校生 Spicy Hot Students guest star
2003 流星花園Ⅱ Meteor Garden II guest star
孽子 Crystal Boys guest star
2004 愛在星光燦爛時 Starry Night 少宗
2005 終極一班 KO One Tseng Shao Zong (曾少宗) / supporting
(aka 愛神奔馳, 極速傳說2)
惡魔在身邊 Devil Beside You Ah Rang (袁川讓) / supporting
2007 惡作劇2吻 They Kiss Again Qi Tai (楊啟太) / supporting
2008 霹靂MIT Mysterious Incredible Terminator He Rui Jia/Hei Gui / supporting
緣之燴 陶喜
2009 下一站,幸福 Autumn's Concerto Jacko / supporting
幸福的抉擇 I Do? Supporting
2010 鍾無艷 Zhong Wu Yen Wu Da Wei / Supporting
2011 你們我們他們 Dropping By Cloud Nine 李勵軍[2]
2012 你是春風我是雨 Love in the Wind
Dong-Huachun Barbershop

Music video[edit]


Comic Boyz albums[edit]

Album # Album Info Track listing
1st Hey Hah!! Comic Boyz [3]
  1. "Hey!Hah!"
  2. "求愛復刻版" (Old School Love)
  3. "超人心" (The Heart Of Superman)
  4. "最重要的你" (The Most Important You)
  5. "我忍住哭" (I Hold On My Tears)
  6. "喜歡你" (Loving U)
  7. "Blue Miracle"
  8. "Buddy"
  9. "相信" (Belief)
  10. "青春無敵" (Forever Youth)
  11. "Hey! Hah!" (Asia remix)
  12. "Hey! Hah!" (Euro remix)
2nd Youth Souvenir Book (青春紀念冊)[4]
  1. "Number 2"
  2. "青春紀念冊" (Youth Souvenir Book)
  3. "紅蜻蜓" (Red Dragon Fly)
  4. "花季" (Flower Season)
  5. "他" (Him)
  6. "Hold Me Close"
  7. "我討厭" (I Hate It)
  8. "我的野蠻女友" (My Sassy Girlfriend)
  9. "愛的入場卷" (Love Coupon)
  10. "愛像什麼" (Love What)
3rd Goodbye Comic Boyz (New + Best Selection) (Goodbye 可米小子 新歌+精選)[5]
  1. "愛情不用翻譯" – Starry Night (愛在星光燦爛時) ending theme (new)
  2. "好奇無上限" – Starry Night (愛在星光燦爛時) opening theme (new)
  3. "Hey!Hah!"
  4. "求愛復刻版" (Old School Love)
  5. "紅蜻蜓" (Red Dragon Fly)
  6. "我忍住哭" (I Hold On My Tears)
  7. "花季" (Flower Season)
  8. "超人心" (The Heart Of Superman)
  9. "Number 2"
  10. "Hold Me Close"
  11. "青春無敵" (Forever Youth)
  12. "喜歡你" (Loving U)
  13. "我的野蠻女友" (My Sassy Girlfriend)
  14. "青春紀念冊" (Youth Souvenir Book)


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