Fight! Blue Devils, Fight!

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"Fight! Blue Devils, Fight!" is one of the two official fight songs of Duke University, along with "Blue and White."

The lyrics were written by Douglas Ballin, and the music was composed by J.F. Hewitt.[1][2]


Fight! Fight, Blue Devils
Fight for Duke and the Blue and White
March on through
For the touchdown's there for you,
Go get 'em!
Duke is out to win today,
Carolina goodnight!
So, turn on the steam, team,
Fight! Blue Devils, fight!

Breakstrain (twice through): (clap clap clap) Go!
(clap clap clap) Go!
Rip 'em up, tear 'em up! Give 'em hell, Duke!

Second verse:

Here in Durham town
There's a university
And tonight those tower bells of Duke
Will ring out merrily.
See that old Blue Devil smoke
Arising to the sky.
There's something doing, there's vict'ry brewing
Don't you hear that battle cry?[1]


  • Typically, only the first verse is sung. Often, "Blue and White" is played after the breakstrain, or occasionally, "Dixieland Strut."
  • The word "touchdown" in the first verse is changed to "basket" or "slam dunk" for basketball games.
  • "Carolina" in the first verse refers to Duke's traditional rival, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Duke students often modify the lyrics slightly when they sing the song at sporting events: the fifth through seventh lines are replaced by, "Go Devils! We're gonna win tonight, Carolina, go to hell! Eat shit!" "Beat State!" may also substituted for the last line.

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