Fight and Love with a Terracotta Warrior

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Fight and Love with a Terracotta Warrior
Traditional 古今大戰秦俑情 /
Simplified 古今大战秦俑情 /
Mandarin Gǔ Jīn Dà Zhàn Qín Yǒng Qíng /
Qín Yǒng
Cantonese Gu2 Gam1 Daai6 Zin3 Ceon4 Jung2 Cing4 /
Ceon4 Jung2
Directed by Ching Siu-tung
Produced by Hon Pau-chu
Tsui Hark
Zhu Mu
Written by Lillian Lee
Starring Zhang Yimou
Gong Li
Music by Romeo Diaz
James Wong
Joseph Koo
Cinematography Lee San-yip
Peter Pau
Edited by Marco Mak
Art & Talent Groupe Inc.
Distributed by D & B Film Distribution (Hong Kong)
Release date
  • 12 April 1990 (1990-04-12)
Running time
145 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Mandarin

Fight and Love with a Terracotta Warrior, also known as A Terra-Cotta Warrior, is a 1990 Hong Kong film based on the novel by Lilian Lee, directed by Ching Siu-tung and produced by Tsui Hark, starring Zhang Yimou and Gong Li. The film is about a forbidden love between a court lady and a soldier of the Qin Dynasty.

Gong Li plays the female protagonists Dong'er (the court girl) and Zhu Lili (the actress), and Zhang Yimou plays the terracotta warrior Meng Tianfang. This is one of the only two films where Zhang Yimou has a leading role, the other being Wu Tianming's Old Well.


The First Emperor searches for the elixir of immortality, and he despatches 500 teenage boys and girls to help him accomplish this task. One of his soldiers, General Meng Tianfang falls in love with one of the despatched maiden by the name Dong'er. When their forbidden love is exposed, the girl reveals she has found the elusive elixir and secretly gives it to Meng. The emperor orders their execution and the soldier is sentenced to death by being encased alive in clay as a terracotta warrior, only to be reawakened in the 1930s when a struggling actress, Zhu Lili, the reincarnation of the girl who remembers nothing of her past life, accidentally stumbles upon the tomb of the First Emperor. The soldier struggles to adapt to a new era while the two are pursued by archeological looters and thugs.


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