Fight for Your Life

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Fight for Your Life
Fight For Your Life.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Robert A. Endelson
Produced by Robert A. Endelson
William Mishkin
Written by Straw Weisman
Starring William Sanderson
Robert Judd
Yvonne Ross
Music by Jeff Slevin
Cinematography Lloyd Freidus
Edited by Robert A. Endelson
Distributed by William Mishkin Motion Pictures
Release date
  • November 1977 (1977-11) (New York City)
Running time
82 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Fight for Your Life is a 1977 American grindhouse action film directed by Robert A. Endelson and starring William Sanderson and Robert Judd. It was presented at the Quentin Tarantino Film Festival in the QT Six Lineup showing held in October 2005. The story revolves around three criminals (a White, Mexican, and Asian male) who hold a Black family hostage and forces them to fight for their lives.


Sanderson plays Kane, a hate-fuelled racist redneck who absconds from jail with his sidekicks (an Asian and a Mexican). They hole up in the secluded house of Ted Turner, a black minister, and his family, where harsh epithets are exchanged and the minister is forced to take action to defend his family.[1]


Critical reception[edit]

Fight for Your Life has received a negative response from critics. TV Guide called it "a vile low-budget film that couldn't have found a receptive audience even during the height of tough blaxploitation pictures."[2] Allmovie called it an "outrageous sleazefest" and "amazingly racist".[3]


Fight For Your Life was denied a British theatrical release in 1981,[4] but a video release the following year allowed the public brief access to the film before it wound up on the video nasties list and was outlawed. It is notable for being the only 'video nasty' to appear on the list due to language, specifically the racism displayed by Sanderson's character.


Briefly available in the United Kingdom on the independent video label Vision On, released circa 1982, but outlawed with the advent of the Video Recordings Act (1984), Fight For Your Life was denied a British cinema release when it was rejected by the BBFC in October 1981. Fight For Your Life was issued in the U.S. by Blue Underground as a remastered DVD.

The original film negative, having been stored by the film rights holder in a New Jersey basement, was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.[5]

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