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Fighting Jacks is a melodic rock band from San Jose, CA. The band formed in the fall of 2000 after their former bands broke up that past summer. The original lineup was Casey Linstrum (Vocals, Guitar), Cory Linstrum (Bass, Vocals), Michael Hoppe (Drums), and Mike Wright (Guitar, Vocals). This lineup created the base of the Fighting Jacks sound, taking the influences of their former bands, creating a sound that was both aggressive and indie, while also staying catchy and easily accessible. The band has released The Inside Trade Agreement EP and The Split EP with bands Sloe and Keeping Ellis in 2001. They were signed by Tooth And Nail Records and released their only LP The Dying Art Of Life in 2003. The band released a S/T EP in 2005 and went on hiatus from 2007-2010. Currently (2010) the band is putting the finishing touches on a new full-length LP and is preparing for their first shows together since the end of 2006.



Fighting Jacks formed in the fall of 2000 after their former bands, Freeto Boat/Call Of Elijah and 2 Car Garage, disbanded. The band was started by brothers Casey Linstrum, Cory Linstrum, and Michael Hoppe. The three piece played a few local shows under pseudonyms until they asked former band mate Mike Wright to join as second guitarist and solidified Fighting Jacks as a 4-piece. This lineup created the base of the Fighting Jacks sound, taking their hardcore, punk, and arena rock influences from their former bands and creating a sound that was dark and melodic, yet hopeful and uplifting at the same time.

The Inside Trade Agreement[edit]

Throughout the fall and winter of 2000/2001 the band wrote and recorded their first EP The Inside Trade Agreement. The Ep was recorded at J31 Studios with Producer/Engineer Gordon Gurley in San Jose, CA. The 5 song EP was released in the summer of 2001 and quickly helped the band become a south bay area favorite. Their song Your Lurking Shadow started receiving radio play on local radio station Live 105 and helped the Jacks get onto larger bay area shows, opening for national acts including Live 105's annual BFD concert. The band started playing all over west coast throughout the year as well as continuing to write new music for their upcoming releases.

The Split EP[edit]

At the end of 2001 Fighting Jacks co-self-released a split EP with fellow San Jose bands Sloe and Keeping Ellis. The EP consisted of 2 new songs from each of the three bands, who were all good friends and who often played shows and toured together between 2000-2005. The EP was recorded at J31 Studios by Producer/Engineer Gordon Gurley in San Jose, Ca.

The Dying Art Of Life[edit]

2002 saw the band continuing to tour throughout the west coast and were happy to finally sign with Seattle indie label Tooth And Nail Records. The band eventually recorded their first full-length LP The Dying Art Of Life in the winter of 2002/2003 with producer Silvia Massey at Radio Star Studios in Weed, Ca. Following the recording sessions, drummer Michael Hoppe decided to leave the band and was quickly replaced by Jon Sontag, formerly of local San Jose band Fan Five (and current member of bay area bands Angeles and Northern Son). The band played and toured nationally for the rest of the year in preparation for the release of their first full-length record. The Dying Art of Life was released worldwide in October 2003.


The winter of 2004 saw drummer Jon Sontag leave the band to pursue other interests. David Provenzano of former member of local south bay bands For The Design and The Northeast, filled in on drums for a couple tours before finally joining the band as their permanent drummer. The band toured nationally between 2003–2006, including playing Cornerstone Festival in 2003 & 2004, Tom Fest 2001-2006, and Joshua Fest in 2006.

S/T EP[edit]

The Jacks self-released their third EP, that was self-titled, in the summer of 2005. The 5 song release was recorded with DJ KTA at Sound MGT Studios in Campbell, CA. and was once again mixed by Gordon Gurley at J31 Studios in San Jose, Ca. This was an independent limited release that only had a few thousand pressings.

Hiatus/Other Bands, Projects[edit]

At the end of 2006 Fighting Jacks decided to take a break from playing live and began working on their second full-length LP. David Provenzano left the band to play guitar for the southern California band Sherwood (Myspace Records) and played with them between 2007-2010. Casey Linstrum released a solo album entitled Northbound and toured throughout 2008-2009 for that release. Mike Wright has worked on a solo electronica project called Nugent and he started a "metal" influenced side project Ironside with Cory Linstrum and David Mast of Echocast fame that has yet to release any material.

New Life[edit]

As of August 2010 Fighting Jacks are back together with their former and longest standing lineup of Casey Linstrum, Cory Linstrum, Mike Wright, and David Provenzano. The band is finally finishing up their long overdue second record and are getting ready to play their first shows since the end of 2006. For now they plan on playing locally until the release of their new LP and future shows/tours will follow.

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