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A Figure 8 roller coaster is the generic name given to any roller coaster where the train runs through a figure 8 shaped course before returning to the boarding station. This design was one of the first designs to be featured in roller coaster design, along with the out and back roller coaster. The figure 8 design allowed for more turns than the out and back design, offering riders an alternative experience.

An early and famous example of a Figure 8 is the Leap the Dips at Lakemont Park, in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Many figure 8 roller coasters carry the name "Figure 8."

Figure 8 roller coasters[edit]

An Incomplete List of Figure 8 roller coasters

Name Park Location
Achterbahn Skyline Park Bad Wörishofen, Bavaria, Germany
Antelope Gulliver's Warrington Warrington, Cheshire, England, UK
Figure 8 Euclid Beach Park Cleveland, Ohio
Figure 8 Athletic Park New Orleans, Louisiana
Figure 8 Canobie Lake Park Salem, New Hampshire
Figure 8 Capital Beach Park Lincoln, Nebraska
Figure 8 Cascade Park New Castle, Pennsylvania
Figure 8 Columbia Gardens Butte, Montana
Figure 8 Coney Island Cincinnati, Ohio
Figure 8 Crystal Beach Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada
Figure 8 Eldridge Park Elmira, New York
Figure 8 Greater Island Park Easton, Pennsylvania
Figure 8 Hague Park Jackson, Michigan
Figure 8 Happyland Park Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Figure 8 Harlem Park Rockford, Illinois
Figure 8 Hazle Park West Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Figure 8 Hocus Pocus Park Knoxville, Tennessee
Figure 8 Indianola Park Columbus, Ohio
Figure 8 Lakeside Park Flint, Michigan
Figure 8 Luna Park Seattle, Washington
Figure 8 Natatorium Park Spokane, Washington
Figure 8 Oakford Park Jeannette, Pennsylvania
Figure 8 Ocean View Amusement Park Norfolk, Virginia
Figure 8 Olympic Park Irvington, New Jersey
Figure 8 Palisades Amusement Park Cliffside Park, New Jersey
Figure 8 Phalen Park St. Paul, Minnesota
Figure 8 Pine Island Park Manchester, New Hampshire
Figure 8 Ramona Park Grand Rapids, Michigan
Figure 8 Riverside Park Saginaw, Michigan
Figure 8 Rocky Glen Moosic, Pennsylvania
Figure 8 Rocky Springs Park Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Figure 8 South Haven Amusement Park South Haven, Michigan
Figure 8 Stanley Beach Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada
Figure 8 Stanton Park Steubenville, Ohio
Figure 8 Steeplechase Park Brooklyn, New York
Figure 8 Watch Tower Amusement Park Rock Island, Illinois
Figure 8 Waukesha Beach Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Figure 8 West View Park West View, Pennsylvania
Figure 8 White City Bellingham, Washington
Figure 8 White City Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Figure 8 White City Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Figure 8 White City Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Figure 8 Wolff's Park Detroit, Michigan
Gemini Cedar Point Sandusky, Ohio
Ghoster Coaster Canada's Wonderland Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Ghoster Coaster Kings Dominion Doswell, Virginia
Grizzly Kings Dominion Doswell, Virginia
Leap The Dips Lakemont Park Altoona, Pennsylvania
Little Dipper Six Flags Great America Gurnee, Illinois
Meteor Little Amerricka Marshall, Wisconsin
Racer Kennywood West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
Scorpion Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Tampa, Florida
Sea Dragon Jungle Jack's Landing Powell, Ohio
Thunderbolt Six Flags New England Springfield, Massachusetts
Wild Beast Canada's Wonderland Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Wildcat Cedar Point Sandusky, Ohio
Woodstock Express Carowinds Charlotte, North Carolina

Fort Mill, South Carolina

Woodstock Express Kings Island Mason, Ohio

Flying Fish, Thorpe Park (UK) Runaway Train, Chessington World of Adventures (UK)