Figure skating at the 1920 Summer Olympics

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Figure skating at the VII Summer Olympics
Type: Olympic Games
Men's singles:
Sweden Gillis Grafström
Ladies' singles:
Sweden Magda Julin
Pair skating:
Finland Ludowika Jakobsson / Walter Jakobsson
1908 Summer Olympics
1924 Winter Olympics
Figure skating at the 1920 Summer Olympics
Figure skating pictogram.svg
Singles men ladies
Pairs mixed

At the 1920 Summer Olympics, three figure skating events were contested in April.

Gillis Grafström of Sweden captured the first of three consecutive Olympic gold medals in the men's single event in 1920. 1908 gold medalist Ulrich Salchow finished fourth. At age 44, bronze medalist Martin Stixrud is the oldest man to ever win an Olympic medal in an individual winter event.[1]

Despite receiving no first place votes from the judges in the women's singles, Magda Julin of Sweden captured the gold on the strength of three second-place ordinals. She was three months pregnant at the time.

Bronze medalist Phyllis Johnson from the UK had captured the silver medal at the 1908 Olympics with a different partner.

Medal summary[edit]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles
Gillis Grafström
Andreas Krogh
Martin Stixrud
Ladies' singles
Magda Mauroy-Julin
Svea Norén
Theresa Weld
 United States
Pair skating
Ludowika Jakobsson
/ Walter Jakobsson
Alexia Bryn
/ Yngvar Bryn
Phyllis Johnson
/ Basil Williams
 Great Britain

Medal table[edit]

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Sweden 2 1 0 3
2  Finland 1 0 0 1
3  Norway 0 2 1 3
4  Great Britain 0 0 1 1
 United States 0 0 1 1

Participating nations[edit]

A total of 26 figure skaters, 14 men and 12 women, from eight nations competed at the Antwerp Games:


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