Fihr ibn Malik

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Fihr is counted among the direct ancestors of Muhammad.[1]:3 In the lineage of Muhammad from Adnan, Fihr precedes Muhammad by eleven generations.[1]:3

He is also known as "Fihr AlQuraish" or the Progenitor of the Banu Quraysh Tribe which was the dominant tribe not only in the Hijaz region but in the whole Arabian peninsula as well. In Classical Arabic the word "Quraysh" meant Whale/Shark/any big fish perhaps because he had a big personality among his tribesmen.

Fihr defended Mecca against the Himyarite King of Yemen who wanted transfer Kaaba to Yemen.[1]:41 A sharp engagement followed in which Himyar were defeated, and their King Hassan was taken prisoner by Fihr for two years until he paid his ransom.[1]

He is the common ancestor of all the ten promised paradise as all of them belonged to the Quraysh Tribe.