Fiji–France relations

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France-Fiji relations
Map indicating locations of France and Fiji



Fiji–France relations refer to bilateral relations between France and Fiji. France has an embassy in Suva, but Fiji has no diplomatic representation in France. Relations are currently strained, due to France's condemnation of the coup d'état in Fiji in December 2006.

Previously, relations had primarily been centred on military cooperation, with France assisting Fiji in surveilling its maritime zone, and on development aid. French military assistance was suspended after the coup.[citation needed]


In 1983, Fiji and France signed a treaty that set out the maritime boundary between Fiji and New Caledonia and the maritime boundary between Fiji and Wallis and Futuna.

In 2000, the French Government condemned the 2000 Fijian coup d'état.[1]

French assistance[edit]

In 2004, France was the first foreign state to offer assistance to Fiji, sending naval aircraft from the nearby islands of New Caledonia taking part in efforts to locate several fishermen lost at sea.[2]

French aid to Fiji includes the providing of equipment for poor and isolated areas.[citation needed]

France promotes French culture and the French language by encouraging the teaching of French in schools and at the University of the South Pacific.[citation needed]


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