Fiji national netball team

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Nickname(s) Pearls
Association Fiji Netball Association
Confederation Oceania Netball Federation
Head coach Vicki Wilson
Captain Matila Waqanidrola
INF ranking 7
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Team colours
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Team colours
World Championships
2015 placing 10th
Best result 6th (1999)
Commonwealth Games
2006 placing 9th
Best result 7th (2002)

The Fiji national netball team represents Fiji in international netball competition. Fiji have competed at five World Netball Championships, finishing sixth in their best placing at the 1999 tournament. They have also competed at two Commonwealth Games, and won the netball event at the South Pacific Games for a number of years. They have won gold at every games since 1991. They are also the current Pacific Champions, winning the all Pacific Series since its inception.

As of 31 October 2014, the Fijian team are seventh in the IFNA World Rankings.[1] They were captained by Matila Waqanidrola, and coached by Gabriel Qoro and Unaisi Rokoura.

The Fiji National Netball Team are now known as the Fiji Pearls after securing their sponsorship in May 2013 with The Pearl South Pacific Resort. The Fiji Pearls are currently under the coaching guidance of Unaisi Rokoura and new team manager, Sitiveni Cama Rabuka. The Fiji Pearls hosted 5th ranked Malawi to a 2-test match in Suva on 2 and 4 November 2013.


2015 Fiji Pearls Netball World Cup Team[edit]

Fiji national netball team
Players Coaching staff
  • Nina Cirikisuva
  • Jane Costello
  • Sera Dakuitoga
  • Episake Kahatoka
  • Maria Lutua (vc)
  • Taraima Mitchell
  • Alisi Naqiri
  • Mere Rabuka-Neiliko (c)
  • Una Rauluni
  • Afa Rusivakula
  • Alesi Waqa
  • Matila Waqanidrola
  • Coach: Vicky Wilson
  • Manager:

Notable past players[edit]

Competitive history[edit]

Netball World Cup
Year Championship Location Placing
1963 1st World Championships Eastbourne, England
1967 2nd World Championships Perth, Australia
1971 3rd World Championships Kingston, Jamaica
1975 4th World Championships Auckland, New Zealand 8th
1979 5th World Championships Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
1983 6th World Championships Singapore
1987 7th World Championships Glasgow, Scotland 8th
1991 8th World Championships Sydney, Australia 11th
1995 9th World Championships Birmingham, England
1999 10th World Championships Christchurch, New Zealand 6th
2003 11th World Championships Kingston, Jamaica 8th
2007 12th World Championships Auckland, New Zealand 9th
2011 13th World Championships Singapore 10th
2015 14th World Cup Sydney, Australia 11th
Netball at the Commonwealth Games
Year Games Event Location Placing
1998 XVI Games 1st Netball Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2002 XVII Games 2nd Netball Manchester, England 7th
2006 XVIII Games 3rd Netball Melbourne, Australia 9th
2010 XIX Games 4th Netball Delhi, India DNP
Pacific Games
Year Games Event Location Placing
2003 XII Games Netball Suva, Fiji Med 1.png 1st
2007 XIII Games Netball Apia, Samoa Med 1.png 1st
2015 XV Games Netball Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Med 1.png 1st

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