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Filabusi is located in Zimbabwe
Location of Filabusi
Farming area near Filabusi.

Filabusi is a town and area in Matabeleland South province in Zimbabwe. The town is the district capital of Insiza (District) and a service centre for the surrounding mining and farming areas.

The Filabusi Mining District was a major producer of gold, with mines such as Fred and Royal Family; and nickel at Epoch (Bindura Nickel Corporation).[1] Asbestos was also mined at Pangani and Croft.[1] However all these large scale mining operations are now closed, with mining in the district limited to small scale artisanal goldmining.[1]

Agriculture in the Filabusi area is mostly cattle ranching, with some small-scale farming (see photo), the latter mainly on the resettlement (Fast Track Land Reform Programme (FTLRP)) land of former large ranches.

The town of Filabusi is supplied with water from a weir on the Insiza River.


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Coordinates: 20°32′S 29°17′E / 20.533°S 29.283°E / -20.533; 29.283