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The word filament, which is descended from Latin filum meaning "thread", is used in English for a variety of thread-like structures, including:

In commerce[edit]

In physics and engineering[edit]

In astronomy[edit]

  • Galaxy filament, the largest known cosmic structures in the universe, thread-like structures that form the boundaries between large voids in the universe
  • Solar filament, equivalent to a solar prominence
  • Birkeland current, a specific magnetic field-aligned current in the Earth’s magnetosphere

In biology[edit]

  • Myofilament, filaments of myofibrils constructed from proteins
  • Protein filament, a long chain of protein subunits, such as those found in hair, muscle, or in flagella
  • Part of a stamen, the male part of a flower
  • Hypha, a thread-like cell in fungi and Actinobacteria
  • Filamentation, an elongation of individual bacterial cells
  • Fine root hair on plants, natural fibers on plants, and other hair-like growths on plants

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