Filbert, South Carolina

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Filbert is an unincorporated community in York County, South Carolina, United States, which was formerly incorporated. Filbert was disincorporated and annexed mostly between York, South Carolina, and Clover, South Carolina. Road signs still exist to proclaim this rural hamlet. Filbert's only major roadway is U.S. Highway 321.

Famous residents[edit]

Filbert is the hometown of former U.S. Rep. John M. Spratt (D-SC), Jr.'s wife, Jane Stacy Spratt,[1] and author Dori Sanders, whose family there has operated one of the oldest African American owned farms in the region, primarily consisting of peach orchards, since 1915.[2]


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Coordinates: 35°02′55″N 81°15′15″W / 35.04861°N 81.25417°W / 35.04861; -81.25417