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FiledBy was a social cataloging website for content creators (i.e. book authors, illustrators, photographers, and artists), and FiledBy, Inc. offered online marketing solutions for both authors and publishers. FiledBy, Inc. was co-founded in 2008 by Peter Clifton and Mike Shatzkin.[1] Launched in March 2009, FiledBy had over 3 million author and contributor websites and over 8 million books in its database.[2]


FiledBy offered both free and premium author websites with many tools and features designed for authors,[3] and allowed authors to create a blog, post events and appearances, communicate with readers and other authors, build a "What I'm Reading" list, post a resume, and add and edit book descriptions. FiledBy also had a pre-publication feature that allows both first time and published authors to build a pre-publication website to promote forthcoming books before they are released.[4]


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