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Filetopia Logo.png
Filetopia Room selection window screenshot
Filetopia Room selection window screenshot
Developer(s)Enrique Martin
Initial release1999
Stable release
FX B.877 / 19 March 2019; 20 months ago (2019-03-19)
Written inJava FX
Size50 MB
Available inEnglish, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Arabic.
TypeFile sharing, chat

Filetopia is a free, multi-platform peer-to-peer file sharing client, and networking tool that allows users to share files, use chat, and send instant messages. Filetopia also features a buddy list. Users can share files in public chat rooms or privately with contacts (by searching or using shared files list). As it is not a centralized system, users must connect to a network made of multiple servers in order to find each other. However all the file transfers, secure chat, etc. are conducted on a peer-to-peer basis. Users can also host their own rooms and share the room's encrypted data with their friends by any means, without the need to connect to the Filetopia network.

All communications within the Filetopia Network and peer to peer are encrypted, using several different ciphers.

By default Filetopia is not an anonymous peer to peer network: when sending or downloading files, IP addresses are not visible, but the software makes no attempt at keeping them anonymous through, for example, onion routing.


Filetopia software development started in October 1998 and the first public beta was released in March 1999. During a few years, the developer was busy creating a BitTorrent client : (last released v1.90 in 2005[1]) while the boom of the BitTorrent era - but a new, complete rewrite was started in April 2012, called Filetopia FX (as it is written in Java FX). However, the classic FileTopia software version (3.04d, 2002), is still (in 2015) a small, but vibrant community of people sharing a wealth of data.

In 2003, Filetopia v3.04 was reviewed in PC Magazine, and rated 3/5.[2]

In 2004, the author of Filetopia is interviewed on the web site[3]

FiletopiaFX (from 2015)[edit]

This Filetopia FX version is more focused in hosting Online Communities than in file sharing, disallowing global-wide file searching and encouraging meeting new people. It is a complete rewrite using modern technologies which improves over the Classic version in the following areas:

  • The maximum file size limit of 2 GB has been removed.
  • Graphic chat has been vastly improved. There are tens of configurable chat presets, hundreds of emoticons and users have the ability to add new ones and capture those they like from the chat. Users also have the ability to post images and HTML fragments (which are filtered for security purposes). Lastly, we've made improvements on all existing chat features.
  • Messages use the same technology behind the chat and can take advantage of all its graphic features.
  • Room Walls are now all graphic and have comments, votes, moderation and are able to notify admins and subscribers of changes.
  • The Log is now a graphic one, that is kept encrypted for security purposes. with a powerful search function. In addition, logs now have a powerful search feature to enable users to quickly find what they are looking for.
  • File sharing protocols have been completely rewritten. They now allow much higher transfer speeds and better performance, and transfers feature a speed graph to track download/upload.
  • Preferences have been made more user-friendly, including having its own tab which doesn't disappear when a user, for example, tests chat themes.
  • The User Interface is the main visible difference in Filetopia FX. Improvements include more than 10 new themes that completely change the look of the program, draggable tabs, floating windows, a sidebar for easy access to contacts, messages, and lists, multi-monitor support and more.
  • Moderation tools have been improved to help room owners, moderators and helpers maintain a safe and fun community for all users
  • Network protocols have been updated to improve speeds and increase capacity. P2P protocols are more reliable and able to function without the need of the Filetopia Network for many functions, including file sharing. Users can also host their own rooms, which are excluded from the main P2P network.


A typical chat windows with the Contacts sidebar
A Chat window showing the logo menu open
Hundreds of emoticons and custom emoticons

Filetopia FX features a very powerful graphic chat, which integrates security features, file sharing, file search, a graphic and searchable log system, hundreds of emoticons and ability for the user to add their own emoticons, even animated ones and capture the emoticons used by others.

The chat is also fully moderated, with the ability to kick or ban users, gag users, hide posts and has 3 levels of room moderation: owner, admin and helper.

Public and private Chats can use entry passwords. There is a secure direct chat feature that is not hosted on the Filetopia Network but in the user's computers and is accessed using special encrypted access data.


All public chat rooms have an associated message wall to it. It allows moderated posts, with comments, votes, etc.

Instant Messaging[edit]

Filetopia is also a full featured Instant Messenger software, that allows for different online modes and status lines, as well as messaging offline users. File sharing is also fully integrated with this functionality.

List Management[edit]

Lists are the basis for file sharing in Filetopia. An unlimited number of lists can be created, and assigned to different groups, users, rooms.

Lists are fully browsable, configurable and allow users to share exactly what they want with whom they want. Users can queue many downloads and can also download complete folders.

Transfers history
Managing a room
Transfers window in action with a graph
Registering an account

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