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Filettole is a castle/town on the Serchio River. It represents the border between province of Pisa and province of Lucca. It had defensive function against the Longobardi. It derives his name from "Fylakterion", that in the Greek language means "defensive place". It belonged to Roncioni at the end of the tenth century, then to the Bishop of Pisa. Involver in the battles with the near Republic of Lucca, it is bought by Gambacorti at the end of 14th century, then acquired by the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Now it is part of Vecchiano. In 1944, soldiers of German 16th SS division "Reichsfuhrer" shouted in Filettole 40 persons, including don Angelo Uniti. This dramatic episode is remembered as "la Strage del Canneto di Filettole"


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Coordinates: 43°47′00″N 10°23′00″E / 43.7833°N 10.3833°E / 43.7833; 10.3833