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Filfel chuma (Hebrew: פלפלצ'ומה‬‎), also spelled pilpelshuma (lit: "pepper garlic"), is the typical hot sauce of Libyan Jewish cuisine.[1] It comes from the Libyan cuisine,[citation needed] where it is known as maseer (Arabic: المصير‎ or مسّير حار mseyer).[2][3] It is also known by other names like filfil mukhalal (فلفل مخلل) and filfil makbos (فلفل مكبوس).[4] It is made from powdered sweet and hot peppermints and crushed garlic. Other ingredients, such as ground caraway seeds, cumin, lemon juice and salt are sometimes added.[1]

It serves as a condiment and as an ingredient in dishes such as salads, meat, fish, legumes and rice, and egg dishes such as shakshouka. It is very similar to the Tunisian harissa.[1]

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