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Filip Johansson (January 21, 1902 – November 1, 1976) was a Swedish football striker born in Surte, north of Gothenburg. He was nicknamed Svarte-Filip, meaning Black-Filip, referring to the pitch-black colour of his hair. He also played bandy in Surte IS.

After starting his career playing for a local club, he also played for Fässbergs IF and Trollhättans IF before joining IFK Göteborg in 1924. He debuted in Allsvenskan the same year and set a record that season, scoring 39 goals in 21 matches. During his nine seasons in the club, he played 277 matches and scored 333 goals. He never won the Swedish Championships with the club, finishing second three times and third four times. He also played 16 matches for the Swedish national football team, scoring 14 goals.

Johansson died in 1976. In the North East of Gothenburg there is a street named after him, "Svarte Filips Gata".



  • The article is based upon the Swedish version, which in turn is based upon the article about the player on Gårda BK:s website. [1].
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