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Filip Naudts

Filip Naudts (born 7 December 1968) is a photographer and photography reviewer based in Belgium.


In 1992, Filip Naudts began his career working for the Belgian national television and press. The following year, he was employed by the Antwerp Fotomuseum, where he remained until 2002. From 2002 to 2006, he became photo editor of the Dutch photo magazine Foto. And after that he started his career as a full-time freelance photographer. In 1993, he also founded his own photo studio Guarda La Fotografia in Lochristi, where he quickly developed his own poetic style, often referring to the portrait paintings of The Flemish primitives. In 2000, a landmark moment in his photographic career happened in Prague, as the National Technical Museum (Prague) scheduled a solo exhibition with Naudts' work.[1][2]

This show resulted in the development and publication of his first book "Auromatic". Arvie Wrang says on Filip Naudts' website that he is probably one of the most compelling, thought-provoking photographing artists of his country. His work gets published weekly in several popular magazines in Belgium and abroad: P-Magazine, Knack, Ché, ...

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of his studio Guarda La Fotografia in 2013 an eponymous book appeared, in which photographic portraits of Belgian celebrities, female nudity and humor play an important role.

In 2014, in the pituresque city center of Ghent, Filip Naudts founded Studio Guarda La Fotografia, a tourist guesthouse inspired by photography, and wherein some of Naudts' photographic works play a major role.

Filip Naudts and Julie O'yang are collaborating on a book that will be published in 2017.

Books by Naudts[edit]


Filip Naudts
Year Title
1993–1994 "Pictures for my soul"
1994–2000 "Auromatic"
2001–2002 "Erfenis van het moederlandschap"
2005 "Histoire de l'oeil"
2009 "La clé du boudoir"
2015 "Paparazzo"



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