Filip Renč

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Filip Renč
Filip Renc.jpg
Filip Renč at the 2009 KVIFF
Born (1965-08-17) 17 August 1965 (age 51)
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Occupation Actor, filmmaker
Years active 1978-present

Filip Renč (born 17 August 1965) is a Czech director, screenwriter and actor.


Filip Renč was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Since his childhood, he already proved his enthusiasm for movies and drama. As a young boy he appeared in several movies, including Julek (1980) and Leve kridlo (1983). During his studies at FAMU (Film and TV School of The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) he created documentaries (Zapadákov, Srdíčko) for which he was awarded at the International film schools festival in 1987 and 1988. His debut movie Requiem for a Maiden was also a great success at the Czechoslovakian film festival FORUM in Bratislava. In the following years he directed a number of successful movies, including From Subway with Love (2005) and his latest piece At Your Own Risk (2008) which has just recently been released. He directed not only movies but also TV commercials and even music videos. He also wrote screenplays which he later directed himself, such as The Rebels (2001), Válka barev (1993) and Requiem for a Maiden (1991). Filip Renč made numerous appearances as an actor, for an instance, in The Ride (1991) and even his own Requiem for a Maiden (1991).


Filip Renč achieved great success with his movie Rebelové. In 2001, he won the Bonton Company Award and the Children's Jury Main Prize in the Feature Film - Youth category with this movie. The Rebels also won him the Audience Award in the Most Popular Film category and Filip Renč was nominated together with Daniel Dvořák for Best Art Direction at the Czech Lion awards. His movie adaptation of Michal Viewegh's From Subway with Love (original title Román pro ženy), was also well received by critics and by the public. In 2006, the movie From Subway with Love received two nominations - for the Best Film Poster and for the Best Supporting Actress (Simona Stašová) at the Czech Lion Awards. This movie also won Filip Renč the Box Office Award in the same year.



  • 2016 Devil´s Mistress
  • 2008 Guard No. 47
  • 2008 At Your Own Risk
  • 2005 From Subway with Love
  • 2001 Rebelové
  • 1999 Polojasno
  • 1993 Válka barev (roughly translated as "War of Colours")
  • 1991 Requiem for a Maiden


  • 2001 Rebelové
  • 1993 Válka barev
  • 1991 Requiem for a Maiden


  • 2007 Empties
  • 2001 Dark Blue World
  • 1996 Kolya
  • 1991 The Ride
  • 1991 Reqiuem for a Maiden
  • 1986 Papilio
  • 1983 The Wanderings of Jan Amos
  • 1980 Julek
  • 1978 Leave Me Alone (Nechci nic slyšet)


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