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This is a list of notable locally born Filipinos or Filipinos born abroad and based in the Philippines. Notable people of Filipino descent based on country of residence/citizenship are also included.

Arts and entertainment[edit]




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Pool and snooker[edit]

Rugby football[edit]

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National heroes[edit]





Law and jurisprudence[edit]


Journalism and media[edit]

Beauty queens[edit]

Miss America[edit]

Miss Asia Pacific[edit]

  • Resurreccion Vianzon - Miss Asia Pacific 1965 2nd Runner-up
  • Jane Mozo de Joya - Miss Asia Pacific 1968 3rd Runner-up
  • Alice Tiongson Crisostomo - Miss Asia Pacific 1970 1st Runner-up
  • Carolyn Gomora Masibay - Miss Asia Pacific 1971 1st Runner-up
  • Yvette Marie Alfon - Miss Asia Pacific 1972 1st Runner-up
  • Maria Paripola Penson - Miss Asia Pacific 1974 2nd Runner-up
  • Maria Luisa Corazon Delgado - Miss Asia Pacific 1976 3rd Runner-up
  • Rio Diaz - Miss Asia-Pacific 1977 4th Runner-up †
  • Epifania Lagman - Miss Asia Pacific 1978 1st Runner-up
  • Lorraine Espiridon Schuck - Miss Asia Pacific 1979 2nd Runner-up
  • Rosemarie de Vera - Miss Asia Pacific 1980 1st Runner-up
  • Ma. Del Carmen Ines Del Alcazar Zaragoza - Miss Asia Pacific 1982
  • Gloria Aranas Dimayacyac - Miss Asia Pacific 1983 (Best in Swimwear)
  • Lorna Legaspi - Miss Asia Pacific 1989
  • Mutya Crisostomo Laxa - Miss Asia Pacific 1992 2nd Runner up
  • Marilyn Gozon Maristela - Miss Asia Pacific 1996 1st Runner-up
  • Darlene Zimmer Carbungco - Miss Asia Pacific 2001 4th Runner-up (Miss Close-Up Smile)
  • Miriam San Jose Chui - Miss Asia Pacific 2002 3rd Runner-up (Miss Cremesilk Beautiful Hair/Miss Telegenic)
  • Jedah Casabuela Hernandez - Miss Asia Pacific International 2004 4th Runner up (Best in Evening Gown/Best Hair)
  • Zara Aldana - Miss Asia Pacific International 2007[K]
  • Ana Marie Pulpulaan Morelos - Miss Asia Pacific International 2007[K]

Miss Asia Pacific World[edit]

  • Grendel Alvarado - Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 Top 15 Semifinalists (Best Model and Best in Evening Gown)

Miss Chinese International[edit]

  • Carlene Aguilar - Miss Chinese International 2004 2nd Runner-up
  • Rebecca Lok-Sze Miu - Miss Chinese International 1994 (Miss Friendship)

Miss Earth[edit]

Miss Globe International[edit]

Miss Hawaii Filipina[edit]

  • Aureana Tseu - Miss Hawaii Filipina 2003

Miss Humanity International[edit]

Miss International[edit]

Miss Model of the World[edit]

  • Gemith Gemparo - Miss Model of the World 1993

Miss Supranational[edit]

Miss Teen USA[edit]

Miss Tourism International[edit]

  • Maria Riza Martinez - Miss Tourism International 1994 4th Runner-up
  • Sherilyne Reyes - Miss Tourism International 1995 3rd Runner-up
  • Mellany Montemayor - Miss Tourism International 1998 2nd Runner-up
  • Racquel Uy - Miss Tourism International 1999 1st Runner-up
  • Maria Esperanza Manzano - Miss Tourism International 2000
  • Barbara Salvador - Miss Tourism International 2010 3rd Runner-up
  • Rizzini Alexis Gomez - Miss Tourism International 2012
  • Angeli Dione Gomez - Miss Tourism International 2013

Miss Tourism Queen International[edit]

Miss Universe[edit]

Miss World[edit]

Mutya ng Pilipinas[edit]

Top Model of the World[edit]

  • Michelle de Leon - Top Model of the World 2006[J]


^ A. Riza Santos and Jessica Trisko both represented Canada in Miss Earth 2006 and 2007 respectively.
^ B. Suzette Henandez represented Canada in Miss Supranational 2013.
^ C. Renette Cruz and Riza Santos both represented Canada in Miss Universe 1996 and 2013 respectively.
^ D. Kirby Ann Basken represented Norway in Miss Universe 2007.
^ E. Alixes Scott represented Guam in Miss Universe 2013.
^ F. Riza Santos represented Canada in Miss World 2011.
^ G. Maya Celeste Padillo Olesen represented Denmark in Miss World 2011.
^ H. Angelina Glass represented Germany in Miss Universe 2007.
^ I. Siera Robertson represented Guam in both Miss Universe 2008 and Miss World 2011.
^ J. Michelle de Leon assumed the title when the winner Natália Guimarães opted to join the Miss Universe 2007.
^ K. Zara Aldana resigned and Ana Marie Morelos assumed her title.

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