Filipino American History Month

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Filipino American History Month
Official name Filipino American History Month
Observed by United States
Type Secular, heritage, cultural, ethnic
Significance Celebration of Filipino American history
Begins 1 October
Ends 31 October
Frequency annual
Related to Filipino-American Friendship Day
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Filipino American History Month, also known as Filipino American Heritage Month,[1] is celebrated in the United States during the month of October. The Filipino American National Historical Society established Filipino American History Month in the year 1988.[2][3] In California and Hawaii, where a large number of Filipino Americans reside,[4] Filipino American History Month is widely celebrated.[5] Many Filipino American organizations in these states often initiate their own independent celebrations.

This month is also officially recognized by the California Department of Education.[6] 2006 was a pivotal year as it marked the centennial celebration of Filipino migration to the United States.[7][8]


In California, Filipino American History Month was first recognized statewide in 2006, when the California Department of Education placed it on its celebrations calendar.[9] In 2009, California State Senator Leland Yee introduced a resolution, which was passed, that recognizes October as Filipino American History Month.[10] It passed the California State Assembly and was submitted to the California Secretary of State.[11][12]


In the 103rd Congress, a resolution to nationally recognize Filipino American History Month was introduced.[13] The House of the 111th Congress introduced a House Resolution 155 (H. RES. 155) to officially recognize this month for Filipinos.[14] In October 2009, the Senate of the 111th Congress passed a resolution recognizing Filipino American History Month.[15] In November 2009, Congress passed the resolution (H. RES. 780),[16] officially recognizing October as Filipino American History Month.[17]


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