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The Filipino Cultural Association (FCA) is one of the first Filipino American collegiate/student associations to be formed in the Metro Washington, DC area. It is the resident Fil-Am student group at The University of Maryland, College Park [1].


The student network organization was originally designed to increase awareness of Filipino culture, as well as strengthen the unity among its members through cultural, academic, athletic, and social programs. Formed in 1978-79 under the leadership of Lito Sison, several Filipino students sought to unite other Filipinos in the University of Maryland, much in the same way that other Fil-Am student groups started in colleges/universities on the West Coast United States, and elsewhere. Originally called "Samahang Pilipino," the organization adopted the name "Filipino Cultural Association (FCA)" in 1981. It then reached its arms out to welcome friends of other nationalities interested in discovering the beauty and excitement of the Filipino culture and history.

Filipino American Studies[edit]

The Filipino American Studies Program (FAST) began as a direct result of a request from the newly appointed Director of Asian American Studies, Larry Hajime Shinagawa. During the Fall of 2006, he asked Jonathan Sterlin and the executive board of the Filipino Cultural Association, who played a substantial role in the establishment of the University of Maryland's Asian American Studies Department, to lead this endeavor with the following three goals in mind:

  1. To enhance the diversity of the University's course offerings by educating the campus community about the role Filipino Americans have played throughout the history of the United States and examining the culture, societal contributions, and contemporary experiences of Filipino Americans;
  2. To partner with the Asian American Studies Department and representatives from the greater Filipino American community to develop the curriculum; and
  3. To serve as a model for other ethnic groups to follow in the future development of diversity offerings at this University as well as other post-secondary institutions throughout the country.

The Filipino American Studies Program is integrally linked to the Asian American Studies Department at the University of Maryland, College Park whose mission is to provide students with the opportunity to study the experiences of Asian Americans critically.

Philippine Culture Night (PCN)[edit]

FCA has a 34-year-old history of hosting its annual PCN – Philippine Culture Night – every Spring semester. The organization will showcase their 34th annual show on Saturday, April 16th, 2016 at 5PM in the Stamp Student Union Grand Ballroom. The event started out as a simple showcase of Filipino culture; highlighting cultural and modern dancing, singing, and comedy skits. Often, the organization would bring in local talent (singers/singing groups, folk dance troupes, martial artists, etc.) to perform, but as the years progressed, FCA began to pull resources from within their growing membership – many of whom had participated in their local community Fil-Am organizational dance troupes and schools. During the 1994-1995 PCN, the show took on a form that was modeled after the PCN of UC Berkeley after then president, Paolo Macabenta, got the idea from one of his home visits to San Francisco. The show incorporated cultural (ethnic and pop-cultural) dances and songs into a full-length production in the form of a play. Often the topics of its plays depict the true-to-life experiences of Fil-Am youth, and how they clash-but-learn with the culture of their parents.

Campus Activities[edit]

Aside from the yearly PCN, FCA participates in a number of events including the student fairs sponsored by the university, Cultural Explosion, many of the events sponsored by the Asian American Student Union, as well as inter-organizational events with other student groups. An example would be the annual FACES Fashion Extravaganza/Party. FACES started in 1995 as a social event between FCA and the Chinese Culture Club (CCC). The organization auditioned students to model fashions from local designers and/or retail stores. The event would end with a party for its audience and the participants themselves. For the second annual event, the Korean Student Association (KSA) joined both FCA and CCC as the third-sponsoring student organization for the event. FACES was named after a nightclub of the same name in Manila, Philippines. FACES continues to strive for excellence and takes pride in showcasing local talent to the community abroad.

Involvement with FIND/D6[edit]

FCA is also a founding-member organization of the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue's sixth district. More popularly known as "D6," the group comprises Fil-Am student groups from University of Maryland, College Park, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Towson University, the United States Naval Academy, Montgomery College, The Catholic University of America, George Washington University, George Mason University, and the newly instated, American University. D6 encompasses the Mid-Atlantic Region of FIND, and is the sixth of seven districts that span from Maine down to Virginia. In addition to FIND, D6 schools participate in sports such as George Mason University's Turkeybowl and D6 Basketball where they all have a chance to compete with each other. They also have picnics where they can meet other members of the other Filipino clubs in the district.

Executive Board[1][edit]

2016-2017 Executive Board
Position Name
President Alexis Flores
Vice-President Joshua Tan
Treasurer Eric Flores
Secretary Ryan Umagat
Director of Public Relations Gabby Enguillado
FIND-D6 Representative Pamela Tarectecan
FIND-D6 Representative Danny Chiang
Community Service Chair Andrew Johnathan Rivera
Male Sports Coordinator Justin Sorra
Female Sports Coordinator Jasmine Namata
Cultural Co-Chair Nessa Rillorta
Cultural Co-Chair Katie Medina
Historian Josh Geronimo
Design and Publication Editor Andrew Hahm
Webmaster Greg Dominic Tayag
Male Freshman Representative Jericho Asis
Female Freshman Representative Kelly Zozobrado

Past Presidents[edit]

Past FCA Presidents
School Year Name(s)
2015-2016 Joel Vazquez
2014-2015 Jonathan Reyes
2013-2014 Krystle Canare
2012-2013 Andrew Aggabao
Spring 2012 Jitter Garcia
Fall 2011 Nicole Calaro
2010-2011 Jeanine Reyes
2009-2010 Jose Alejandro N Almario
2008-2009 Steve Encomienda
2007-2008 Maricel Hernandez
2006-2007 Jonathan Sterlin
2005-2006 Ryan Herrera
2004-2005 Bianca Viray
2003-2004 Catherine Cervantes
2002-2003 Brandon Feráren
2001-2002 Greg de Guzman
2000-2001 Cezar Lopez
1999-2000 Angela Ly
1998-1999 Marnie Mataac
1997-1998 Wendel Ladringan (Julie Chua, Co-President Fall 1997)
1996-1997 Pete Murray
1995-1996 Noel Barrion
1994-1995 Paolo Macabenta
1993-1994 Maria Elena (Bow) Salientes
1992-1993 Cesar Padua Cube


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