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Burgonet by Filippo Negroli (Italian, Milan ca. 1510–1579) Located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.[1]
Filippo Negroli
Died1579 (aged 68–69)
NationalityItalian (Milanese)
Parent(s)Father Gian Giacomo Negroli (ca. 1463-1543)
Engineering career
Practice nameMetalworker

Filippo Negroli (ca. 1510–1579) was an armourer from Milan. He was renowned as being extremely skilled, and may be considered the most famous armourer of all time. Working together with his younger brothers Giovan Battista (ca. 1511-1591) and Francesco (ca. 1522-1600) in the Negroli family workshop headed by their father Gian Giacomo Negroli (ca. 1463-1543), Filippo was specialized in repoussé of armour, whereas his brother Francesco was renowned for his damascening skills. Filippo's pieces are considered especially remarkable because they were wrought in steel, rather than the more-easily worked iron that was the traditionally assumed medium.

He made parade armour for several esteemed clients, including Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and Guidobaldo II della Rovere.

Examples of his work include:


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Further reading[edit]

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