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Film1 Logo
Launched 1 February 2006
Owned by Sony Pictures Television
Picture format 576i (PAL) 16:9
1080i (HDTV)
Slogan "Alléén op één"
(Only on one)
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch/English
Broadcast area Netherlands
Headquarters Amsterdam
Replaced Filmnet (1984-1997)
Canal+ Netherlands (1997 - 2006)
CanalDigitaal Channel 20 (Film1 Premiere HD)
Channel 21 (Film1 Action)
Channel 22 (Film1 Family)
Channel 23 (Film1 Sundance)
Ziggo Channel 101 (Film1 Premiere HD)
Channel 102 (Film1 Action HD)
Channel 103 (Film1 Family HD)
Channel 104 (Film1 Drama HD)
Channel 105 (Film1 Sundance HD)
CAIW Channel 301 (Film1 Premiere HD)
Channel 302 (Film1 Action)
Channel 303 (Film1 Family)
Channel 304 (Film1 Sundance)
Channel 305 (Film1 Drama)
Kabel Noord Channel 80 (Film1 Premiere HD)
Channel 81 (Film1 Action HD)
Channel 82 (Film1 Family)
Channel 83 (Film1 Sundance)
Channel 84 (Film1 Drama)
Channel 85 (Film1 Premiere)
Channel 86 (Film1 Action)
Delta NV Channel 11 (Film1 Premiere)
Channel 12 (Film1 Action)
Channel 13 (Film1 Family)
Channel 14 (Film1 Sundance)
Channel 15 (Film1 Drama)
Channel 16 (Film1 Premiere HD)

Film1 is a Dutch premium television service owned by Sony Pictures Television (previously owned by Liberty Global).


The service launched with three channels and a high-definition and timeshift version of the main channel. On 1 October 2008 Film1 Action was added to the line up. Film1 Series started on 17 January 2012 when it replaced the 1 hour timeshift channel Film1 Premiere +1.[1] On 31 January 2012, Film1 announced that it would launch Sundance Channel in the Netherlands, by replacing the Film1 Festival on 1 March of the same year.[2]

The channels are available on digital cable of most Dutch cable companies, satellite (CanalDigitaal) and IPTV (Tele2 and KPN). Satellite provider CanalDigitaal does not provide Film1 Spotlight and Film1 On Demand. IPTV provider Tele2 does not provide high-definition and Film1 On Demand. Film1 is not available via DVB-T.

On 20 September 2012 Film1 announced that they would be launching an online GO service with Tvinci.[3]


Chellomedia (Liberty Global) launched Film1 together with its sister service Sport1 (known as Ziggo Sport Totaal after 11 November 2015) on 1 February 2006 and replaced the Canal+ Netherlands television channels. The service offers multiple film channels with Dutch and international productions many of which are television premières. It also broadcast television series, documentaries and concerts.

On 26 July 2014, Liberty Global announced that it had put Film1 up for sale.[4] Liberty Global agreed to sell Film1 to Sony Pictures Television on 27 March 2015,[5] and the acquisition of Film1 and associated channels was completed on 21 July of the same year.[6]


  • Film1 Premiere: Main flagship channel.
  • Film1 Action: Second channel focuses on thriller, action, and horror films.
  • Film1 Family: Third channel which focuses on comedy, family and children films.
  • Film1 Sundance: Fourth channel which focuses mostly on arthouse films.[2]
  • Film1 Drama: Fifth channel.[1]
  • Film1 On Demand and GO: A video on demand-service that provides selected content from all the above channels on an on-demand basis. The service is available from Ziggo's VOD service.

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