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Film Culture was an American film magazine started by Adolfas Mekas and his brother Jonas Mekas in 1954.[1] The headquarters was in New York City.[1] Best known for exploring the avant-garde cinema in depth, it also published articles on other aspects of cinema, including Hollywood films.

Contributors included Rudolf Arnheim, Peter Bogdanovich, Stan Brakhage, Arlene Croce, Manny Farber, David Ehrenstein, John Fles, DeeDee Halleck, Gregory Markopoulos, Annette Michelson, Andrew Sarris, P. Adams Sitney, Edouard de Laurot, and Parker Tyler.

Articles from Film Culture are compiled in a book entitled Film Culture Reader, published by Cooper Square Press.

Film Culture ceased publication 1996.[1] During its existence the magazine produced 79 issues.[1]

Film Awards[edit]

The magazine presented awards to Independent film makers. The winners of this award were-

First Independent Film Award

John Cassavetes — For Shadows (1959)

Second Independent Film Award

Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie — For Pull My Daisy (1960)

Third Independent Film Award

Ricky Leacock, Don Pennebaker, Robert Drew and Al Maysles — For Primary (1961)

Fourth Independent Film Award

Stan Brakhage — For The Dead and Prelude (1962)

Fifth Independent Film Award

Jack Smith — For Flaming Creatures (1963)

Sixth Independent Film Award

Andy Warhol — For Sleep, Haircut, Eat, Kiss and Empire (1964)

Seventh Independent Film Award

Harry Smith — For his entire body of work (1965)

Eighth Independent Film Award

Gregory Markopoulos — For his entire body of work (1966)

Ninth Independent Film Award

Michael Snow — For Wavelength (1968)

Tenth Independent Film Award

Kenneth Anger — For Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969)


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