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The Film Daily
Film Daily cover - September 3 1922.jpg
September 3, 1922 cover of The Film Daily with child actress Baby Peggy
Categories Film
First issue 1913 (daily in 1915)
Final issue 1970
Country United States
Language English

The Film Daily was a daily publication that existed from 1915 to 1970 in the United States. For 55 years, Film Daily was the main source of news on the film and television industries. It covered the latest trade news, film reviews, financial updates, information on court cases and union difficulties, and equipment breakthroughs.

The publication was originated by Wid Gunning in 1913 (though not as a daily), and the publication retained "Wid" in the title until 1922.[1]

The publications were broken into five parts:

  • Part One: Wid's Film and Film Folk, 1915–1916, Wid's Independent Review of Feature Films, 1916–1918; Wid's Daily, 1918–1921; and Film Daily, 1922-1927
  • Part Two: Film Daily, 1928–1937
  • Part Three: Film Daily, 1938–1948
  • Part Four: Film Daily, 1949–1959
  • Part Five: Film Daily, 1960–1970
  • Series Two: Film Daily Yearbook and Predecessors, 1915–1970

No index of Film Daily currently exists, though Primary Source Microfilm did republish the entire periodical on microfilm in 1990, in a 125 reel set.

The Media History Digital Library has scans of the archive of Film Daily from 1918–48 available online as of 2015.


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