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The new Film Unit logo for 2013.

Film Unit is a independent cinema and Film society located within the University of Sheffield Union of Students. It is run by volunteer students and alumni of The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. The cinema shows over 100 films a year.

It is classed within the Union as a Working Committee, as it provides a service to all students as well as non-students. Film Unit's screenings seat up to 390 people, with a 7.8m by 3.3m screen.


Film Unit joined the British Federation of Film Societies in 1950,[1] following its establishment in 1949.[citation needed] Early titles produced by the Sheffield University Students' Union in 1960 and by Film Unit in 1965 are held in the University's archives.[2]

Initial Film Unit screenings took place in the older Graves Building part of the Students Union until a new auditorium was created in 1996.[3]


Film Unit has two fully functioning projectors, a digital Christie CP2210 and a 35mm Victoria 5000. As such, they are still able to show traditional 35mm films, allowing the screening of older releases which would otherwise be unlikely to be seen in cinemas. Student volunteers have the opportunity to be trained as projectionists and to experience the running of a functioning cinema in both digital and 35mm. New volunteers are recruited at the start of each academic year.



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