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Directed by Paul Ruven
Starring Paul de Leeuw
Rijk de Gooyer
Olga Zuiderhoek
Release date
December 11, 1995
Running time
90 minutes
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch

Filmpje! is a 1995 Dutch comedy film directed by Paul Ruven. It stars Dutch TV presenter and comedian Paul de Leeuw as two of his characters, Bob de Rooy and his wife Annie de Rooy, which were both featured in a lot of his TV sketches. Just like De Leeuw's TV shows the film is full of controversial comedy about taboo subjects.


Bob de Rooy is an arrogant, egotistical man who divorces his well-meaning, but very naive wife Annie, because she's unable to provide him the right amount of sex in their married life. After the divorce is settled, Bob goes to the red light district in Amsterdam to catch up what he has been missing all those years. There he starts an affair with a prostitute who turns out to be the daughter of gangster boss Don Gorgonzola. When the criminal boss finds out that his daughter has an affair with Bob, who arrogantly makes fun of him on the phone and hangs up before he does, Bob and his newfound love have to flee to Curaçao. Meanwhile Annie falls in love three times, first with a notorious criminal who is later shot by one of Gorgonzola's henchmen, then with a man who dies of cancer and later one of Gorgonzola's henchmen who exploits Annie's innocence to let her smuggle drugs to Curaçao. There Annie and Bob meet again...


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