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A CrossCountry HST set passes Narroways Junction.

Filton Bank is the name given to a section of the Cross Country Route for rail in Bristol, roughly between Lawrence Hill and Filton Abbey Wood.


The line runs from Dr Days Junction, just south of Lawrence Hill, to Filton Junction, just north of Filton Abbey Wood, via Narroways Hill Junction. The section is 3 miles 75 chains (6.3 km) long.[1] The bank is largely double track, with sections of triple track around Filton Abbey Wood and from Dr Days Junction to Lawrence Hill.


Narroways Hill Junction in 1976, showing the four tracks and the remains of the Midland Railway's crossing bridge, connecting from Narroways to its main Bristol-Gloucester Line

The line was built by the Bristol and South Wales Union Railway. It was four-tracked until 1984 when it was reduced to double track, with the running lines slewed over to increase line speeds.


It was announced in July 2012 that Filton Bank will be four-tracked. This will restore the separation between fast and stopping services, increasing capacity on the line, and allowing half-hourly services along the Severn Beach Line.[2] The line will be electrified as part of the Great Western Main Line electrification scheme.[3] In preparation for electrification, the footbridge at Stapleton Road was replaced to give room for overhead cables.[4]

In June 2013 this upgrade was listed in an announcement on national schemes by the Office of Rail Regulation. [5]

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