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Drygalskiberge in the Fimbulheimen Mountains
Highest point
Elevation3,148 m (10,328 ft)
Fimbulheimen is located in Antarctica

Fimbulheimen is a mountain range in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. It stretches from Jutulstraumen by 1° west of Carsten Borchgrevink Ice at 18° east, about 200 km from the ice edge. Fimbulheimen is thus between Maudheim Plateau and Sør-Rondane.

Dronning Maud's highest mountain, Jøkulkyrkja (elevation 3148 m), is located in Mühlig-Hofmann Mountains in Fimbulheimen. The name comes from Fimbulvetr, the harsh winter immediately preceding Ragnarok in Norse mythology.

A number of smaller ranges and mountain areas constitutes Fimbulheimen, from west to east:

The Norwegian research station Troll is located by Jutulsessen Mountain west in Fimbulheimen, while the ornithological field station Tor is about 100 km further east at Svarthamaren Mountain in Mühlig-Hofmann Mountains.

Large parts of the area were mapped by the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition 1956-60. The Norwegian Polar Institute has published twelve map sheets of Fimbulheimen in scale 1:250 000.[1]


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Coordinates: 72°00′S 005°30′E / 72.000°S 5.500°E / -72.000; 5.500