Fin Fin on Teo the Magic Planet

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Fin Fin on Teo, the Magic Planet
Fin Fin on Teo the Magic Planet coverart.png
Developer(s) Fujitsu Interactive, Inc.
Publisher(s) Fujitsu Interactive, Inc.
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release 1996
Genre(s) Pet-raising simulation
Mode(s) Single player

Fin Fin on Teo the Magic Planet is a 1996 computer game for Windows-based computers made by Fujitsu about a creature that is a hybrid of a bird and a dolphin which the user could communicate with via a webcam which came with the game, the SmartSensor. Fin Fin was produced by Macoto Tezuka.

Fin Fin responds to the player's tone of voice and volume of the voice - one reviewer describing Fin Fin as a 'virtual mood ring'. 30,000 copies were sold in the first year in Japan.[1]

Fin Fin was much like the popular Tamagotchi for a PC. If he was not fed or paid enough attention, he would sing a sad whistling song or sometimes fly away.

There were different versions of Fin Fin and each version would have a limited number of worlds available. There was a 3-world version, a 4-world version, a 5-world version, and a 6-world version (which had all the worlds).


The game's main goal is to win Finfin's friendship. There are many ways to communicate with Finfin. The first way is to press the 1 to 5 keys, which make a sound that attracts Finfin. The second way is to use a special microphone called the Smartsensor and a whistle that come with the game. In the 3, 4 and 5 world versions, the player can record their own voice using the Finfin sound recorder that comes with the game and a microphone. Their voice then plays back when they press the 6 to 0 keys.

There was also a separate sensor unit that informed Fin Fin whether the player was sitting in front of the screen. The sensor didn't work in the German versions because of a faulty installation routine.


Finfin - Finfin is the main character of the game. He is half dolphin and half bird. The player can watch him sing, fly, swim, play, and 'talk' and interact with him in different ways in different locations.

Finnina - Finfin's wife. She can be seen in the Secret Inlet, Rem River Bank, and the Nest (which is only available in the 6-world version).

Finfin Junior - Finfin's kid. He can only be seen in the 6-world version, at the Nest, when Finnina lays an egg and it hatches. He flies away from the Nest after a month.

Various flora and fauna - The are various animals and plants in the Planet TEO. Some plants only appear at night, ans some only at day. Some animals are friendly to Finfin, while others want to eat him (but they never can).


The game includes natural weather, from sunny days to cloudy days, rain or even thunderstorms. However, snowfall does not occur in the game because the places are close to the equator and the temperatures are more or less constantly in the warm to mild range. In addition to the weather, there are also annual events such as shooting stars, lunar eclipses or natural weather phenomena such as rainbows or northern lights. Some could happen on a specific day (for example, on August 30, a double lunar eclipse would occur in the sky at a certain time) or on many days in a year.


There are six places to visit in the game. In Germany, the first version appeared, in which one could select three of the six places. Later a version with four selectable locations followed. The version for five places appeared only in the USA and the version with all six places was only available in Japan and China. However, one can download the 6-world version at EMGE's website below.

Amile Forest[edit]

Description and appearance of the place: (Available in all versions) This is the most famous and most important place of the game. It is quite high and there is a wide view over the surrounding forests to the "Ermes" mountain. In the foreground are a straightened branch. In the middle, on the left side of the picture, a "Yaika" tree, twisted in itself, is seen with hanging leaves (similar to a willow or a birch). A little further on the right, in the picture, are two palm-like trees.

Reference to the player's observation and abilities at this location: The Amile Forest is FinFin's favorite place to stay. Here he plays, eats and sleeps. Here one can observe him very well while flying and practicing his art pieces, or listen to him singing. Here, the player can offer a "Lemo" berry by pressing the spacebar, which he accepts or rejects depending on the condition.

Lemo Valley[edit]

Description and appearance of the place: (Available in 5-world version and above) Here grow the colorful "Lemo" berries that FinFin often eats. The valley is surrounded by mountains, on which firs grow. The "Lemo" bushes, which always form new flowers and berries, grow in the middle of the valley. In the foreground is a planty hill with musicing flowers and two deciduous trees.

Reference to the player's observation and abilities at this location: FinFin visits the valley to satisfy his hunger for berries. Here one can observe the way he circles the bushes several times and looks for ripe berries. If he finds one, he plucks them in the hover of the bush to destroy them afterwards. At this location, the player can also beat the neuro-drum by pressing the spacebar. If FinFin is not present, some plants start to play. After a while, animals appear at the concert. As soon as FinFin appears, the plants stop the music and the animals disappear one by one.

Tsubu Woods[edit]

Description and appearance of the place: (Available in all versions) It is located on a small woodland, surrounded by tall trees. The trees look like coniferous trees, which bear golden-brown nuts, which can be seen sparkling in the wilderness on some nights. The shrubs, bushes and ferns on the clearing resemble jungle plants. On the floor of the clearing lies a hollow tree trunk and a large quantity of nuts or their shells.

Reference to the player's observation and abilities at this location: FinFin visits the forest to satisfy his hunger for "Tsubu" nuts. Here one can observe him shaking the nuts from the trees by flying through the treetops. Then he eats the nuts lying on the ground.

Secret Inlet[edit]

Description and appearance of the place: (Available in all versions) It is a small side course of the Remse river, which runs in the jungle and ends there. Here you can see two opposite broader banks, surrounded by dense banks. Between the plants are laubless trees, whose branches point in a different direction after each visit. There is a tree at the back with a hole in the trunk, forming a small cave.

Reference to the player's observation and abilities at this location: FinFin comes to this bay to relax. Therefore, the player is recommended not to disturb him. However, the player can watch FinFin while swimming, playing and catching fish. If the player is lucky, FinFin's wife can also appear at this location for a brief moment.

Rem(se) River Bank[edit]

Description and appearance of the place: (Available in 4-world version and above) In the foreground is a cave inside the water. In the background of the upper part of the place, one can see the opposite plant-rich bank.

Reference to the player's observation and abilities at this location: This place is the only one that shows the underwater world of TEO, and only here can the player watch FinFin during diving and fish hunting. FinFin's wife rarely comes to this place. If both are present, the player can watch the two at a short underwater dance.


Description and appearance of the place: (Only available in the 6-world version) In the left foreground of the picture is a bush of many different plants. In the center is the nest of FinFin and Finnina, which is either in the stage of construction, final or decay. In the background is a narrow waterfall that ends in a small river. The place is surrounded by a forest of tall trees.

Reference to the player's observation and abilities at this location: In this place the player can observe the rearing of a young animal from FinFin and his wife Finnina. By pressing the spacebar, a loud FinFin call will sound, which can cause various things. It is supposed to scare away an enemy named Gminfly (flying orca), if the latter has approached the nest too much. When the "call" is exercised, a certain plant is always frightened in the foreground, which blooms in a jerky manner and changes the color. Over time, it calms down again and takes its old form. If the player presses while the FinFin is in the foreground, he will start to cry.


Animated Storybook: To Teo and Back with Jack

It's a short point-and-click game. In it, a man travels with a boy named Jack to the planet TEO on the search for Finfin. Jack wants to bring Finfin back with him...

TanTan TEO

This game was released in Japan and Korea was a music game. The player controlled FinFin with two keys and had to keep a clock given by the game. In order to pass a level, the player had to reach a certain amount of correct key combinations.

Plot: FinFin would like to participate in a music festival, but must first improve his rhythm before he can take part. But with the help of his friends, he can then join the party.

TEO64 (unpublished)

TEO64 is an unpublished version for the Nintendo 64DD.[2]


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