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Justin Broadrick in a hoodie holding a guitar next to a Marshall amplifier
Justin Broadrick performing as Final, 2012
Background information
Also known asAtrocity Exhibition (1982)
Smear Campaign (1983)
OriginBirmingham, England, UK
GenresPower electronics, industrial music (early)
Drone music, ambient, dark ambient (currently)
Years active1982–1986
LabelsAvalanche Recordings
Post Mortem Rekordings
Neurot Recordings
Associated actsGodflesh, Jesu, Iroha, Khost, Council Estate Electronics, White Static Demon
1980s one-off projects: Crusade, Dead Pulp, Last Exit, Mindless Scum, Mesh
MembersJustin Broadrick
Past membersAndrew Swan

Final is a project of Justin Broadrick, creator of the band Godflesh, which he started when he was just 13 years old.[1] Unlike Godflesh, Final is primarily electronic in nature, taking on a space-like, dark ambient sound.[2]


Final was the guise under which Broadrick, then aged 14, performed his first ever live concert in 1984 in The Mermaid Pub in Birmingham, using his stepfather's shortwave radio and distortion pedals. At that point the project was a duo with Andy Swan who Broadrick met at the city's Rag Market and both shared an interest in power electronics and industrial bands such as Throbbing Gristle, Ramleh and Whitehouse. Swan would later go on to form the bands Iroha and Khost, both of which Broadrick has made remixes for. Before that the project briefly went under the names Atrocity Exhibition and Smear Campaign.[3] Final played at the pub alongside Con-Dom and Family Patrol Group and was briefly signed on The Grey Wolves's label. Broadrick started a cassette label called Post Mortem Rekordings on which he released over 50 tapes until 1986, many of which were Final tapes. Other contributors during this period included Guy Pearce, Nicholas Bullen (of Scum fame), Kevin Johnson, and Paul Neville. The music from this period is expected to receive a boxset reissue on Hospital Productions.

Final was then put on hiatus while Broadrick played in Napalm Death and Head of David and later co-founded Godflesh. Final was eventually revived in 1993[4] as an experimental ambient solo project meant to "explore beat-less spaces" and focus on textures, now expanding its influences to the likes of Brian Eno and Maurizio Bianchi.[5] This new incarnation started utilizing electric guitar, tape decks, synthesizers and samplers. One was released on Sentrax and Subharmonic and was Final's first ever CD release. 2 (1996) and 3 (2006) which both compiled pieces recorded over several years were collaborations with Broadrick's bass players: Godflesh's G. C. Green and Jesu's Diarmuid Dalton respectively. Two series of live improvised music were self released under the Final name on Avalanche Recordings, Infinite Guitar (2007-2009) and Guitar & Bass Improvisations (2007-2013). A collaborative avant-garde drone album with Dirk Serries was also released in 2009, Final + Fear Falls Burning.[6]

Final played its first live show in 20 years as support for The Living Jarboe in 2005, with a laptop as the only instrument. A European tour followed in 2006 alongside L'Enfance Rouge and a further show was played later that year at Supersonic Festival and as support for Isis at All Tomorrow's Parties. One-off shows were played in Birmingham in 2009, during Broadrick's Roadburn Festival residence in 2012 and as a double bill with the live debut of Council Estate Electronics in 2014. The Birmingham show saw a Bandcamp release as Live Reprocessed (2016). Dalton assisted Broadrick on some of these dates. Final is scheduled to play its first ever United States show on 8 December, 2018 at Hospital Fest in Queens, New York.[7]


Studio albums[edit]

  • One (CD 1993; CD 1994)
  • 2 (CD 1996)
  • The First Millionth of a Second (CD 1997)
  • 3 (2xCD 2006)
  • Fade Away (Digital 2008)
  • :Afar: (LP & Digital 2008) - limited Picture Disc of 500 copies
  • Dead Air (CD 2008)
  • Reading All The Right Signals Wrong (LP & CD 2009)
  • Infinite Guitar 3 / Guitar & Bass Improvisations 3 (2xCD & Digital 2009)
  • The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree (2xLP 2010)
  • Burning Bridges Will Light Your Way (Digital 2012)
  • Infinite Guitar 4 (3xCDr & Digital 2013)
  • Black Dollars (2xLP & Digital 2015) - expanded reissue of My Body is a Dying Machine EP

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Flow / Openings (7" 1995) - limited release of 1,000 copies
  • Solaris (CD EP 1996, CD EP 1998) - the reissue came with a bonus track
  • Urge / Fail (7" 1996) - limited release of 250 copies
  • My Body is a Dying Machine (Digital 2010)

Sets and Compilations[edit]

  • Infinite Guitar 1 & 2 / Guitar & Bass Improvisations Vol 1 & 2 (4xCDr 2008)
  • Origins 1983-87 (5xCD) (TBA) - forthcoming box set of cassette recordings chosen by Justin Broadrick


  • Final + Fear Falls Burning (album with Dirk Serries) (LP & Digital 2009)
  • Fear Falls Burning vs Final (track with Dirk Serries on Fear Falls Burning – Once We All Walk Through Solid Objects) (5xLP & Digital 2014)

Other releases[edit]

  • Maximum Hatred (Cassette 1985)[8]
  • Inheritance (Cassette 1986)[8]
  • Execution Of The Will (Cassette 1986)[8]
  • Failure (Digital 2005) - outtake from the 3 album available only through Final's official website[9]
  • Infinite Guitar 1 (CDr 2007, Digital 2012) - CDr limited release of 150 copies
  • Infinite Guitar 2 (CDr 2007, Digital 2012) - CDr limited release of 150 copies
  • Guitar & Bass Improvisations Volume 1 (CDr 2007, Digital 2012) - CDr limited release of 150 copies
  • Guitar & Bass Improvisations Volume 2 (CDr 2007, Digital 2012) - CDr limited release of 150 copies

Exclusive songs on compilations[edit]

  • "Exist" on Power And Control (Cassette 1984)
  • "Blood Love" on Power And Control (Cassette 1984)
  • "Vomit Eat" on International Sound Communication 2 (Cassette 1985)
  • "A Message To Man" on International Sound Communication 6 (Cassette 1985)
  • "I Am Pt 2" on Thee Anal Probe Archives 10th Anniversary Retro (Cassette 1985/1986)
  • "Belief" on Carnage In A Country Garden (Cassette 1986) and on Thee Anal Probe Archives 10th Anniversary Retro (Cassette 1985/1986)
  • "Inheritance" on Cultural Terror Volume One & Two - A Zeal SS Sampler (Cassette 1986)
  • "Execution Of The Will" on Cultural Terror Volume One & Two - A Zeal SS Sampler (Cassette 1986)
  • "Crimes Pt.2" on Belial (Cassette 1986)
  • "Thumbscrew" on Belial (Cassette 1986)
  • "Processor Remix" on Destined To Decay (Cassette 1986)
  • "Desquamation Live Mission 2" on Destined To Decay (Cassette 1986)
  • "Dream 1-3" on Shrine (CD 1993)
  • "Hide" on Ambient 4: Isolationism (CD 1994)
  • "Alien Soundtracks" on Indiscreet Stereo Test Record (CD 1995)
  • "Exit" on Endless 2 (CD 1995)
  • "Voidbeat 1" on Fear Drop 3 (CD 1997) - track credited as Final Vs. Solaris
  • "Sticks & Stones" on The Lo Fibre Companion (2xCD 1998)
  • "Two Chords" on Strings & Stings: A 100% Guitar Compilation (CD 1999)
  • "Far" on Fear Drop 7 (CD 2000)
  • "The End Has Come" on HHR Vs 2xH Vol 1 "Where Is My Robotic Boot?" (2xCD 2004)
  • "4AM Internal" on Fabriksampler V2 (CD 2008)
  • "Pripyat Funfair" on Ominous Silence Compilation 2012 (Digital 2012)
  • "Dedicated To Greenland" on Fear Drop 17 (CD 2014)


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