Ghost in the Ruins – A Tribute to Criss Oliva

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Ghost in the Ruins – A Tribute to Criss Oliva
Ghost in the Ruins.jpg
Live album by Savatage
Released December 15, 1995
Recorded 1987–1990
Genre Heavy metal, power metal, progressive metal
Length 63:51
Label Nuclear Blast America (US)
Fresh Fruit/SPV (Germany)
Zero Corporation (Japan)
Producer Paul O'Neill, Jon Oliva
Savatage chronology
Dead Winter Dead
Ghost in the Ruins – A Tribute to Criss Oliva
From the Gutter to the Stage
Final Bell cover
Savatage - Final Bell.jpg
Professional ratings
Review scores
Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal8/10[1]
Metal Hammer (GER)7/7[2]
Rock Hard10.0/10[3]

Ghost in the Ruins – A Tribute to Criss Oliva is a live album by the American heavy metal band Savatage, recorded between 1987 and 1990. Many of the tracks on this album have since been added to the re-releases of other albums in the Savatage discography by the German label SPV GmbH in 2002. The Japanese version of the album, titled Final Bell - Tribute to Christopher Michael Oliva and released by Zero Corporation in 1997, shows the track "Criss Intro" as "Criss Oliva Guitar Solo" on the track listing.

Track listing[edit]

No.TitleWriter(s)Recorded atLength
1."City Beneath the Surface"Criss Oliva, Jon OlivaThe Ritz in New York City, 19905:39
2."24 Hours Ago"C. Oliva, J. Oliva, Johnny Lee Middleton, Paul O'NeillThe Spectrum, Philadelphia, 19884:48
3."Legions"C. Oliva, J. OlivaThe Spectrum, Philadelphia, 19885:06
4."Strange Wings"C. Oliva, J. Oliva, O'NeillThe Spectrum, Philadelphia, 19884:01
5."Gutter Ballet"C. Oliva, J. Oliva, O'NeillLos Angeles Palace, 19906:14
6."Temptation Revelation / When the Crowds Are Gone"C. Oliva, J. Oliva, O'NeillHollywood Palace, 19907:10
7."Of Rage and War"C. Oliva, J. Oliva, O'NeillLamour, Brooklyn, 19904:29
8."The Dungeons Are Calling"C. Oliva, J. Oliva, Keith CollinsNassau Coliseum, Long Island, 19884:48
9."Sirens"C. Oliva, J. OlivaNassau Coliseum, Long Island, 19883:37
10."Hounds"C. Oliva, J. Oliva, O'NeillLamour, Brooklyn, 19907:20
11."Criss Intro" (instrumental)C. OlivaAgora, Cleveland, 19871:13
12."Hall of the Mountain King"C. Oliva, J. Oliva, Middleton, O'NeillLamour, Brooklyn, 19906:38
13."Post Script" (instrumental)C. OlivaSound check, Hollywood Palace, 19901:42
2011 EarMusic CD reissue
No.TitleWriter(s)Recorded atLength
14."Devastation"C. Oliva, J. OlivaAgora, Cleveland, 19873:37
15."Stare into the Sun" (acoustic version)J. Oliva, O'Neill 4:55


  • Paul O'Neill - producer
  • Robert Kinkel - engineer
  • Ken Lewis, Joe Johnson, Mike Scielzi, Joe Daily - additional engineering
  • Steve Corson - assistant engineer
  • Dave Whittman - mixing at Soundtrack Studios, New York
  • Ben Arrindell - mixing assistant
  • Leon Zervos - mastering


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