Final Score (2018 film)

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Final Score
Final Score Poster.jpg
Directed byScott Mann
Produced byDave Bautista
Wayne Marc Godfrey
Marc Goldberg
Robert Jones
Jonathan Meisner
Screenplay byDavid T. Lynch
Keith Lynch
Jonathan Frank
StarringDave Bautista
Pierce Brosnan
Ray Stevenson
Julian Cheung
Alexandra Dinu
Lara Peake
Amit Shah
Music byJames Edward Barker
Tim Despic
CinematographyEmil Topuzov
Edited byRobert Hall
Signature Films
The Fyzz Facility
Highland Film Group
Sky Cinema Original Films (UK)
Saban Films (International)
Distributed byAltitude Film Distribution (UK) Lionsgate (International)
Release date
  • 7 September 2018 (2018-09-07)
Running time
104 minutes[1]
CountryUnited Kingdom, United States
Budget$20 million
Box office$776,594[2]

Final Score is a 2018 British-American action thriller film directed by Scott Mann and written by David T. Lynch and Keith Lynch, starring Dave Bautista (who previously worked with Mann in Heist), Ray Stevenson and Pierce Brosnan.


Brothers Dimitri and Arkady Belav have led the revolution in the Russian state of Sakovya for independence. The revolution ultimately leads to Dimitri being killed in an airstrike, and Arkady being captured, ending the revolution. After several years, Arkady and his men believe that Dimitri has faked his death so they torture a man for information on where Dimitri is hiding in London.

Former US military Michael Knox visits his late brother's house, in London, to watch football with his niece, Danni. He had previously served in Afghanistan in a team alongside his brother, and was the only survivor of their last mission. Danni is grounded by her mother for delinquent behavior, but Knox manages to fix the situation, and her mother gives her consent for Michael to take Danni to the football game.

Arriving at the West Ham stadium, Danni expresses her frustration about her dad's death. Meanwhile, Arkady and his mercenaries infiltrate the stadium, take over the control room and initiate a lockdown of the entire stadium. Taking Superintendent Steve Thompson hostage, Arkady threatens Thompson into cooperating with his team by threatening his family. Arkady then has his men blow up all transmission towers across the city to ensure that no communication will be made outside the stadium. Discovering Danni is missing from her seat, Knox seeks help with the stadium guard Faisal Khan, an Iraqi immigrant. Faisal reluctantly assists Knox to the control room. On their way, Knox kills a mercenary named Andrei. Knox finds C-4 explosives in Andrei's jacket. He then uses the only-working walkie-talkie to call the police about the situation but Chief Commander Daniel Steed does not believe this and hangs up. After he kills two other men, Vlad and Anton, Knox brings the latter's body and throws him out, thereby summoning the police.

Seeing this, Arkady and the other mercenaries infiltrate the news studio and kill the crew. Arkady has a reporter read the statement at gunpoint, demanding Dimitri's location or they will blow up the stadium. As he finishes the statement, Arkady kills the reporter and two others on live television. Steed is approached by Agent Cho, who explains that Dimitri has undergone plastic surgery, and he was given amnesty. They realize that handing Dimitri to Arkady will lead the entire region into chaos. Arkady's team learns the background of Knox and Danni, and they decide to take Danni hostage. Hearing them summoning Danni over the speaker, Knox rescues her. Because Thompson's team failed to capture Danni, Arkady executes him. Knox, Faisal, and Danni ultimately discover a bomb planted below the control room, and Knox alerts Steed about it. Hoping to stop the situation, Knox decides to take Dimitri by himself. On his way, Knox manages to escape from Tatiana, and he is able to take Dimitri. Tatiana then takes Danni hostage and knocks Faisal unconscious. Knox eliminates the other men before they get to the extraction point, but upon learning Danni is taken, Cho – who is under orders to ensure Dmitri stays dead – has his men shoot Knox, but the mercenaries fend off the helicopter. After they threaten Danni, Knox agrees to hand over Dimitri in exchange for her. Steed berates Cho for risking the lives of innocent people and takes control of the situation. A helicopter comes back and kills other men, but Dimitri and Danni are captured. After struggling with Tatiana, she is impaled by the pipe. He discovers the fake kill switch, and before dying, she explains that the bomb will blow up 90 minutes into the game.

When Dimitri reunites with Arkady, Arkady vows to start the revolution again if Dimitri proves his loyalty by shooting Danni. However to maintain democracy in their country, Dimitri shoots himself. With just a few minutes left, Faisal is able to evacuate the audience from the radius blast. Arkady takes control of the live broadcast with Danni, before the bomb goes off, supposedly killing them both. As he starts to mourn, Knox discovers that the live broadcast was pre-recorded, 85 minutes of the game, realizing that both of them are alive. Knox catches them both. Danni distracts Arkady, and Knox finally kills Arkady. Danni reunites with her worried mother, and Steed thanks Knox for his bravery. Knox and his family leave the stadium.



The film was first announced in February 2016, represented as "Die Hard in a football stadium," written by The Lynch Brothers, to be produced by Signature Films and The Fyzz Facility, with Highland Films Group executive producing with a $20 Million budget, filmed at the Boleyn Ground, former home of West Ham United.[3] In July 2016, Dave Bautista and Pierce Brosnan were announced to be headlining the cast, which also stars Julian Cheung, Russell Phillips and Alexandra Dinu, with director Scott Mann at the helm, scheduled to begin filming on 8 August 2016 at the stadium.[4] Principal photography officially began on 15 August 2016.[5]


In June 2018, a teaser trailer was released by Sky Cinema, along with an announcement that the film would open in the UK and Ireland on 7 September 2018. The film released in cinemas and on the Sky Cinema subscription television service on the same day.[6]


On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 68% based on reviews from 31 critics, with an average rating of 5.3/10.[7] another Aggregator Metacritic rated the film with the weighted score of 53 out of 100 based on 8 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews"[8]

Alex Godfrey of Time Out praised the film, saying "It is wittier, warmer and more unpredictable than it has any right to be."[9] Kevin Crust of Los Angeles Times gave a mixed review "The characters are familiar movie types sufficiently fleshed out and well performed to hit all the emotional and comedic cues. The fight scenes and stunts — especially a masterfully choreographed motorcycle chase throughout the stadium — and a lack of obvious CGI provide the requisite thrills."[10]

Pat Brown of Slant Magazine ciriticized the film, saying "To observe that the Dave Bautista-starring action flick Final Score is yet another Die Hard knockoff may be tiresome, but it's not as if the film gives one much of a choice, as it offers up a ceaseless barrage of scenes lifted from the John McTiernan classic. "[11]


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