Final Spins

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Final Spins
Origin Seattle, Washington
Genres Indie rock
Years active 2008-present
Labels Unsigned
Members Joe Syverson
Colin English
Zach Tillman
Chris Early
Colin Wolberg

Final Spins is an American indie rock band from Seattle.


Final Spins were formed in May 2008. Started by lead vocalist and guitarist Joe Syverson, the band is currently based out of Seattle, Washington.


The Final Spins released their first full-length, album, This is then,That was now, in May 2009. The album placed No. 26 in the top 100 on KEXP in May 2009.[1]


  • This is then,That was now (2009)
  • City Of..... (ep) (2009)


  • Joe Syverson - guitar, vocals, ukulele
  • Colin Wolberg - guitar, keyboards
  • Zach Tillman - bass, vocals
  • Colin English - drums
  • Chris Early - organ


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