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Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic
Ministr financí České republiky
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Ivan Pilný

since May 24, 2017
Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic
Member of
Appointer Prime Minister
Formation 1969
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The Finance Minister of the Czech Republic is the head of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic which is concerned with financial and monetary matters.

The Finance Minister is a member of Prime Minister's Cabinet and is allowed to attend meetings of the National Security Council of the Czech Republic.

The current and 13th Finance Minister of the Czech Republic is Ivan Pilný. He has been in office since May 24, 2017. [1]

List of Finance Ministers of the Czech Republic[edit]

Name Portrait Entered office Left office Political party
Ivo Kočárník No image.png 1 January 1993 2 June 1997 ODS
Ivan Pilip Ivan Pilip.JPG 3 June 1997 22 July 1998 ODS
Ivo Svoboda No image.png 22 July 1998 22 July 1999 ČSSD
Pavel Mertlík Pavel Mertlik trim.jpg 21 July 1999 12 April 2001 ČSSD
Jiří Rusnok Jiri Rusnok2.JPG 13 April 2001 15 July 2002 ČSSD
Bohuslav Sobotka B Sobotka 2015 Praha.JPG 15 July 2002 4 September 2006 ČSSD
Vlastimil Tlustý No image.png 4 September 2006 9 January 2007 ODS
Miroslav Kalousek ING.MIROSLAV KALOUSEK.jpg 4 September 2007 8 May 2009 KDU-ČSL
Eduard Janota No image.png 8 May 2009 13 July 2010 Independent
Miroslav Kalousek ING.MIROSLAV KALOUSEK.jpg 13 July 2010 10 July 2013 TOP 09
Jan Fischer Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Jan Fischer.JPG 10 July 2013 29 January 2014 Independent
Andrej Babiš Andrej Babiš 2014.JPG 29 January 2014 24 May 2017 ANO 2011
Ivan Pilný 24 May 2017 Incumbent ANO 2011


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