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The Finance Minister of the Palestinian Authority is the head of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) branch that is in charge of finance. The minister deals with launching audits, collecting tax from Palestinian businesses and overseeing financial aid directed to the PNA. Shukri Bishara is the current Finance Minister.

In April 2007, it was reported that that branch was not receiving satisfactory amounts of money. It was estimated that the PNA gained only $40 million, while $160 million was the amount required.[1]


The Finance Minister is in charge of

  • Controlling financial activities of the PNA and its expenditure.
  • Supervising, studying and organizing monetary funds and the economic and political analysis of financial aid directed towards the PNA.
  • Supervising and controlling the private capital funds of the PNA.
  • Providing the money needed for facing the government's expenditures.
  • Paying the salaries of government employees.
  • Managing and settling employee salaries and retirement of civil administration and compensation in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.
  • Scrutinizing and overseeing all financial transactions, including accounting principles adopted legally and that follow the principles of the Ministry for accountability and transparency during all stages of its work.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the provisions of financial legislation in force.[2]

Finance ministers[edit]

# Name Party Time
1 Mohammad Zuhdi Nashashibi Fatah July 1994-June 2002
2 Salam Fayyad Independent June 2002-November 2005
3 Ahmad Qurei (interim) Fatah November 2005-March 2006
4 Omar Abd al-Razaq Hamas March 2006-June 2006
5 Yousef Rizqa (interim) Hamas June 2006-January 2007
6 Samir Abu Eisheh (interim) Hamas January 2007-March 2007
7 Salam Fayyad Third Way March 2007-May 2012
8 Nabeel Kassis Independent May 2012-March 2013
9 Shukri Bishara Independent June 2013-present
10 Ziyad al-Thatha (Part of Ismail Haniya's cabinet, which began de facto control over the Gaza Strip in June 2007) Hamas June 2007 - September 2012
11 Ziyad al-Thatha (Part of second Hamas cabinet in Gaza Strip) Hamas September 2012 - present

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