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Christina Finarsih is a retired female badminton player from Indonesia who specialized in women's doubles.


Finarsih won a number of significant international titles during the 1990s, most of them with regular partner Lili Tampi. These included the Dutch Open (1993), the World Badminton Grand Prix (1993), the Indonesia Open (1993, 1994), the Chinese Taipei Open (1994), and the Badminton World Cup (1994, 1995). She also won the 1996 Asian Games with another fellow countrywomen Eliza Nathanael. Finarsih and Tampi were silver medalists at the 1995 IBF World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland. They were eliminated in the quarterfinals of the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, and in the round of sixteen at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The two greatest highlights of Finarsih's badminton career, however, were not victories in any tournament for individual players. Rather, they were a pair of unexpected victories with Tampi in the final round of Uber Cup (the women's international team championship) in 1994 and 1996 which were critical in helping to lift Indonesia to victories over favored and long-dominant China.


Women’s doubles

Winner: World Grand Prix Finals 1993; World Cup 1994, 1995; SEA Games 1993, 1995; Indonesia Open 1993, 1994; German Open 1993; Dutch Open 1993; Taiwan Open 1994 (with Lili Tampi); Asian Championship 1996 (with Eliza Nathanael)

Final: World Championship 1995; World Grand Prix Finals 1994; Denmark Open 1991; SEA Games 1991; Japan Open 1993, 1994, 1995 (with Lili Tampi); Indonesia Open 1997 (with Minarti Timur)

Semi-final: Malaysia Open 1991, German Open 1991 (with Lili Tampi); Indonesia Open 1991, 1992 (with Lili Tampi) and 1996 (with Minarti Timur); Hong Kong Open 1992, 1994 (with Lili Tampi) and 1996 (with Susi Susanti); Taiwan Open 1993 (with Lili Tampi) and 1997 (with Rikke Olsen – DEN); Sweden Open 1993, All England 1993, Denmark Open 1993, Korea Open 1995, Singapore Open 1995, US Open 1995 (with Lili Tampi); Vietnam Open 1996 (with Lidya Djaelawijaya)

Quarter-final: Olympic Games 1992; World Championship 1991 (with Lili Tampi)

Mixed doubles

Winner: Taiwan Open 1997 (with Sandiarto)

Final: Vietnam Open 1996 (with Sandiarto)

Semi-final: Asian Championship 1997, Indonesia Open 1997 (with Sandiarto)

Women’s Team

Winner: Uber Cup 1994, 1996; SEA Games 1991, 1993, 1995

Final: Asian Games 1994; Uber Cup 1998; Sudirman Cup 1991, 1993, 1995

Semi-final: Uber Cup 1992