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Ruins of palace, 2006.
The Persian Envoy Mirza Mohammed Reza-Qazvini meets with Napoleon I to sign the Treaty of Finckenstein 27 April 1807 at the Finckenstein Palace, by François Mulard.

The Finckenstein Palace (German: Schloss Finckenstein) was a baroque palace, designed by the architect John von Collas between 1716 and 1720 in the former West Prussia, today in Poland. It was built by Prussian Field Marshal, Marquess, and Count Albrecht Konrad Reinhold Finck von Finckenstein and remained in the possession of the Finck von Finckenstein family until 1782.[1] After that the Counts Dohna-Schlobitten lived in it until 1945, when the Red Army set the palace on fire January 22, 1945 during their conquest of East Prussia.[2] The ruins are still visible.

The palace became famous in 1807, when Napoleon made it his residence from April through June of that year. When he saw the palace for the first time, he said: "Enfin un chateau" ("Finally, a castle").[3] The Treaty of Finckenstein between France and Persia was signed here.[3] Here, Napoleon met his mistress Maria Walewska, with whom he lived in the palace.[3] The Hollywood movie Conquest was filmed in the palace in 1937 with Greta Garbo and Charles Boyer.[4]

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