Find a Way (A Tribe Called Quest song)

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"Find a Way"
Single by A Tribe Called Quest
from the album The Love Movement
B-side"Steppin' It Up"[1]
ReleasedAugust 25, 1998
Format12" single
GenreAlternative hip hop
Songwriter(s)Kamaal Fareed, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Malik Taylor, James Yancey, Bebel Gilberto, Towa Tei
Producer(s)The Ummah
A Tribe Called Quest singles chronology
"Stressed Out"
"Find a Way"
"Like It Like That"

"Find a Way" is a song by A Tribe Called Quest, the first single from their fifth album The Love Movement. The New York Times' Ben Ratliff wrote that "Find a Way" "innocently wonders about the point at which friendship spills over into sex."[2]

The song is one of eight songs on the album to feature production "initiated by JD of The Ummah."[3] It samples "Technova" by Towa Tei. In 1990, Q-Tip appeared on the hit single "Groove Is in the Heart" by Deee-Lite, a group that Towa Tei was involved with until 1996.

Music video[edit]

The video starts in outer space, with a wide view of Earth that is later revealed to be a decoration in Ali Shaheed Muhammad's car. Ali spots three girls, and Q-Tip decides to flirt with all three. A scene of California appears and shows the group walking on the beach while Phife Dawg is rapping. Next, the scene changes to a party, showing Q-Tip experiencing a romantic moment. From there, the video shifts to an art museum where Q-Tip is talking to his girl. The video then returns to Phife Dawg on the beach, telling a girl that he will do what she wants. The video ends with the group in a club, dancing with women and having fun. During the final chorus, the video pans once again to outer space, then shows the group sleeping in Ali's car. There is an iconic sing-along style bouncing ball each time the chorus plays.


Charts (1998)[4][5] Peak
UK Singles Chart 41
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 71
U.S. Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks 29
U.S. Hot Rap Singles 18


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